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New Dolls from Infiniti Doll - Koo,Loro,Joshua,Justin

Oct 20, 2009

    1. New members of Infiniti Doll are here!
      They are available from 23 of October, 2009.

      * Pictures are updated. *
      * Sales condition of Joshua was changed. Only 100 dolls are available worldwide. *

      More pictures : http://www.infinitidoll.com


      Name: UID Loro (girl) - Limited Edition
      Only 30 dolls are available worldwide.


      Name: UID Koo (boy) - Limited Edition
      Only 30 dolls are available worldwide.

      Name: SID Joshua - Limited Edition
      Only 100 dolls are available worldwide.


      Name: SID Justin - Standard Edition

      * UID doll package comes with body, head, wig, eyes, clothing, and shoes.
      The package also include additional closed hands (fist), cat tail and cat ears. Magnets are included for the tail and ears, making them detachable.

      ** The cat tail and cat ears come in real skin normal color.

      URL : http://www.infinitidoll.com
    2. Are you going to be selling the cat ear and cat tail sets separately? Thanks.
    3. Will Joshua and Koo be available on standard edition in the future? Thank you!
    4. When you say Joshua is limited, does that mean his sculpt is limited? Joshua on the website looks like a basic since he doesn't come with clothing or wig. *_*

      Thanks in advance. :)
    5. i would also like to know if the cat ears and tail will be available to purchase seperately. i would also like to know how they are placed on the body
    6. We are sorry to inform you that the cat ears and cat tail are not available separately. Those are specifically designed accessories for the limited edition dolls.

      We are sorry but Joshua, Koo and Loro will not be available as standard edition. As we mentioned, they are limited edition dolls.

      Joshua does not include clothing nor wig. Clothing of Joshua will be available separately.

      We are sorry to inform you that we do not plan to sell the cat tail and cat ears separately.

      As to how we attached the tail and the ears, the tail and ears come with pairs of magnets. You may put one of pairs on the doll using tapes first. Then, put either wig or cloghing on the doll. Finally, you place the tail and ears using magnets. We wish this is good enough explanation. Should you have any more question, just let us know.
    7. Does the resin match the skin color of any other company?
    8. It looks like these dolls are the "normal skin" colour resin.

      I have an Infiniti Doll SID Alex, and UID Arin. Their resin matches SSDF Regen perfectly (normal, real-skin from Luts).