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New Dolls from Luts

Nov 26, 2005

    1. I recently received this replay to an inquiry I sent luts. ^____^ Hope you enjoy! I moved this to a new thread cause not everyone looks at the Elves one. ^_^ Everyone get out you piggybanks. XD

      Hi~ lovely nepherim

      How are you doing ?

      Thanks for intereste our Dolls.

      If we sell YDER Elf, I will tell you before.

      Don't worry about that~~(^^

      I have good news for you~~

      We have plan to sell new Dolls(Delf Size) in this December.

      One is Tanning Skin EL(Skin color look like suntan~~^o^)

      The other is EL custom (He looks Cool~~)

      Both Dolls are Limited items.

      I have no idea about YDER Elf price.

      If I get some infomation, I will tell you.

      If you have any question, send mail to me or do write on Q&A board.

      Have a nice & happy day~!

      Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

      From: your friend......SEAN
    2. oh man...WHY! why always tempting me with new LE of Delfs. :crushed:sad:
    3. Tan skin El! I can't wait to see him ^^
    4. aiiieee~! I was hoping luts would bring out a suntan! *starts to save*
    5. TAN! *faints* Oh god please let me not like him too much. T__T
    6. Tanned El! I'm so glad I already have an El and that he needs to be white skin, or my wallet would suffer.
    7. *falls off chair* El custom ? tan skin El ? Oh my poor wallet !

      Yder dear, please forgive me if I decide to get El first ~
    8. Awww. Too bad I'm not such a big fan of El... I would love a tan CP boy. ;__;
    9. Ooooh, I've seen a picture of a supposedly official tan DES.. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL. ;O;
    10. Dammit! >> I'll certainly be waiting to see if I must have one. Whyyy, CP, why does it have to be after christmas shopping?
    11. That tan skin DES was gorgeous. I was really hoping they'd release her one day. If the tan El is anything like her, he'll be gorgeous. ^_^
    12. Tan El... My goodness, that's got to be gorgeous!! I hope they're the same gorgeous tan that we saw in a few pictures a year or so back. There was a tan DES in the picture, but Luts said they weren't selling tan skin yet. ...Guess they are now! Yay!
    13. Oh my God.. this is going to be awesome :grin: I have such a weakness for tan Dolls..and a tan El will be gorgous. I wonder how the Custom El will look like... *_*
    14. A tan El? Oh dear, I'm going to be in so much trouble...
    16. I can't wait to see the tan El! Why oh why does every company have to make tan skin limited though? I don't really want a tanned El, but hopefully they'll come out with some other dolls in tan skin if he sells well, which I'm sure he will. I, personally, really want a tanned mini fee girl.
    17. A tanned El! Wow, that's going to look gorgeous. But I don't have the money for two dolls right now... Do you know if they're making any other tanned dolls? I adore Luts.
    18. OMG....this December is going to be a crucial month....
      How can I decide Luts or Volks is a problem *_*
      Too bad no one can get my X'mas present this year because I'm broke....:|
    19. ^_^ I'm glad I could let you all know this!
    20. I can't wait to see pictures.! XD; Sounds exciting and pretty!