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New dolls of Demon Garden

Aug 18, 2008

    1. DG 1/3 Boy body releasing~open 10 days :) ~sep 23,2008


      Special Derek (Normal skin)

      Brand:Demon Garden
      Features:DG 61 cm boy

      Special Derek (Normal skin) will includes make up,clothes and wig (like pictures)
      Only one set in stock, can shipping in 2 days.


      3 dolls of Demon Garden~:)

      Shop: www.happyhouse4u.com

      *Delivery: 3~4 weeks after received payment.(by EMS will take 7~10 days)
      *Make up& outfits are not includes.

      Total high: 61 CM
      Eye: 18~20mm
      Shoulder : 13 CM
      Head : 21.5 CM
      Neck : 10 CM
      Waist: 21 CM
      Bust: 25 CM
      Waist: 20 CM
      Hips: 25 CM
      Feet long: 7.5 CM

      DG 1/3 Boy body

      *normal skin

      *white skin

      • Price:USD165.00

      (normal skin)

      • Price:USD210.00

      ( white skin )

      • Price:USD210.00

      (normal skin)

      • Price:USD210.00
    2. Hello! Do you have a list of dolls/companies that will match DG's resin colour?
    3. is there a separate ball joint at the hip, or is the upper leg one piece?
    4. Are the prices for the complete doll?
    5. Hi~

      DG's p-normal skin similar Soom~^^

      It's separate ball joint at the hip~:)
      Hi~ DG Doll is USD:210/per set (head+body)~~:aheartbea
      Yes, I think so~^^

    6. Thank you~

      Do you know if DG's white skin is similar to other dolls as well?

      Just a note, you can multi-quote people on the thread. At the end of each message, the middle button will allow you to multi-quote all the replies. Just thought you might want to know. ^_^
    7. Thanks so much,I saw the button~^^

      DG's white skin is not much different with other dolls~:)

    8. Beautiful dolls. I like the body design. It's quite ELEGANT.

      Just wondering if the White Skin is completely white, or if it's more creamy, maybe pinkish? Maybe slightly yellow, like ivory?

      And, the Normal Skin - similar to Soom - is it lighter than Soom, or about the same? Is it more or less pinkish?

      Thank you! :):):)
    9. Could you show more pictures of body, please? i would like to see de posability.
      It looks very realistic and with delicate lines, i like so much de joints...
    10. It is quite an elegant body. The heads are so fine and delicate looking, I love Basil's sweet expression. ^__^ What are the measurements? What diameter neck would the head fit?
    11. Hi~

      We'll soon update more body's photos~^^


      I think the white skin is ok for other white dolls,DG white skin is normal resin color without other colors.
      Normal Skin about the same to Soom.


      We had update the measurements on thread~:)

    12. Hi- can you tell me which head is shown on the body above? Thank you!
    13. their faces remind me allot of Sharmin girl faces,
      is this made by the same artist?
    14. Hi~ he is Derek ^0^
      Hi, they are different artists~:whee:
    15. Will they be offered in another sale period in the future? And can you give us an idea of how far apart the sale periods will be spaced? (As in, will there only be one a year, or every few months, or...?)
    16. Up date white skin body photo~:)
    17. Hi~

      Maybe months,because the studio is a little busy now~ But special price only for first release^^
    18. Dear,

      Thanks for your interesting,next open order price about up to 15%~20%~;)

    19. Thank you for posting more pictures of the boy body! He's quite lovely and elegant in those too.

      Would you happen to have any pictures of him sitting and kneeling too?

      And, I would still like to know which resin it is in the pictures of the body - Normal skin, or White?

      Thank you very much, again! :):):)