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New Dolls of Paradise/DollHeart pre-order at Angels Cave

Aug 11, 2009

    1. Update:
      Paypal buttons are now up and working. :D


      The New DollHeart pre-order is up and ready as well. The Paypal buttons are being put in later, but if you want to order anything untill then, please just drop the shop and e-mail and I will sort it out for you.:D

      We are happy to offer the new DoP outfits on pre-order again! :)
      There are three stunning outfits this time, two SD/SD13 girl outfits and one MSD size outfit.


      Orders are being taken untill the 30th of Aug, and shiping will be soon after (DoP are very good with fast shipping.)

      In other news: Mr Super Clear is back in stock.

      We now have a Twitter as well, for updates and news! :D
      You can find us here: https://twitter.com/AngelsCave
    2. UPDATE:

      The new DollHeart pre-order is now up and ready for ordering. :D
    3. Update: The Paypal buttons have now been added to the pre-order and everything is ready for ordering that way. ^_^
    4. Update: There will be some instock Dolls Of Paradise items going on the site later today. I hope you all like them! :D
    5. Only four more days left to order on both the DoP and DH pre-orders!
      Thank you all for your orders so far. ^_^
    6. Just two days to go!
      All orders close at midnight (UK time) on the 30th. ^_^