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New dolls site!!

Jan 10, 2006

    1. Here's a new dolls site:
      the joints of the dolls look quite special...and the male dolls are handsome!
      but some colunms are still under construstion, I think some new dolls will be stocked in future.
    2. Hmm, That abdomen looks very very similar to the Volks SuperDollfie13 Boy Body's... am I the only one who thinks this?
    3. Actually, that's the first thing I thought about the body too. It's strange because there's this nice sculpting on the body but the hands look like they just poured resin into two tiny rubber gloves. They have arm joints like a Tensiya doll though, not at all like Volks arms. I do find it odd, but the heads do seem original.
    4. look at this page as well:
      it's outrageous! it's like they just copied and pasted the information of the DOTs!! (they just changed the measurements slightly) even the optional hands and shipping time is exactly the same!! *fuming*

    5. Hmm even their website...it looks like one of those templates you can get from template monster. o_O Fishy fishy.
    6. I hope these guys prove to be genuine, I was looking for a doll about 65cm, taller than CP boys but shorter than Hound to be my boy's boy, Zeber looked like the one to suit.

      Waits and sees (waiting on funds anyway, damn money)
    7. I'll eat my hat if that's not a SD13 boy body with weird arms and stuff. I'll eat my bloody hat. /angry

      Also if you click on 1/3 doll, and then boy, there's a link that says, "Check out our Christmas cards!" and it takes you right back to the 1/3 section. I don't trust it. At. All.

      Also, note Zeber doesn't have ankles. Just.... legs.. that end in feet. Say goodbye to any poseability. Aren't those SD13 feet?!

      Edit: I realize more stuff.
    8. Wait--Zeber's face painted is not the same face unpainted. Look at the lips. One's smiling... one's frowning.
      Odd all around.
    9. Perhaps they sell "heads" only but sell you the SD13 body with them? K_Doll does that.
    10. The reason this site makes me *squish* is because they word for word copied text from DOD. I see they finally removed the:

      Which was originally on the site. Thier website has broken links and "default" text all over because its some sort of template you modify, so that doesn't bother me.

      I also thought the body in the auction pictures just looked akward, the first simularity I thought of was that same kind of akwardness that the early Custom House dolls have (though obviously not a copy of those dolls). The bodies may be akward because its a new company.

      They wouldn't be the first company to rip off another company's english site for text. (Said legit company will remain nameless, but they put an apology up on thier site).

      Still, I think there is nothing wrong with being cautious about any new company, especially one in a country thats known for bootlegs (cd/dvd bootlegs). I don't find these dolls attractive so I'm not torn. EDIT: Someone reminded me HK is now a part of China ^-^;; I do know legit sellers in Hong Kong, but I've also seen a lot of bootleg sellers on ebay (cd/dvd) there, and have rec'd bootlegs i thought were legit, I know what to watch for now.

      However, it definately *could* be a legit company. Thier english doesn't seem to be spiffy, so do they have another site in thier native language? I would expect them to.

      Edit: I'm not for/against this company, like I said they could be legit, I don't know. I'm always cautious, thats my nature. I think it would be best to let someone go to thier store in person, and give a report back (don't know if they have one set up yet). I do think its a good sign they are responding to people with pictures.
    11. General note:

      At least 3 established Korean companies use the same template for their websites.

      At least two of them as WELL as the Volks website (both in Japanese and English) have misdirected or broken links.

      Don't use these as evidence as to whether a company is 'legit' or not.
    12. All I want to know, is why they haven't got a Chinese site? The Bjd's are popular in China, and I see no reason why they haven't been selling there. THAT'S what really strikes me as odd in all this. Why make it just for a foreign market, when there is a chinese market ready and waiting.
    13. There are a few Hong Kong residents that frequent DOA, if anyone can remember who they are, you could PM them and ask them to do a little research in the Chinese doll forums. Very helpful I think.

      BlindEnvy- Please say I'll get to see your Ahz girl in person someday! Or any of your other dolls.
    14. I took a chance and ordered the 1/4 doll on the site (leroi). It was $100 for an unassembled kit, and I paid via Paypal, so if something goes amiss at least I'm covered. *sweat* Strangely enough, shipping only came to $5. That kinda worries me......

      If I don't get any sort of email conformation from them in a few days, I'll have to pester them.
    15. Eep, I hope you funded the payment with a credit card and not a bank account or Paypal balance, because Paypal offers no real buyer protection for non-eBay transactions (and even on eBay it's only what they can pull out of the other person's account, most of the time)

      It's odd that they say the shipping weight is only half a pound. For an MSD-size doll? Sounds more like just a head, or it's not made of resin.
    16. I am a little concerned about that $100 doll. What is all the gunk on it in the pictures? Also the face has stains on it. Hopefully they are not selling that single doll for $100 because it is all messed up. It looks like it poses very nicely though. I hape it all works out for you and you recieve a nice doll without gunk and no problems. Be sure to let us all know when it arrives.
    17. I'm not too concerned about the gunk because I plan to customize/mod it anyway. I've been afraid to do such things to my more expensive dolls, and this one's 1/4 the price. Hopefully it will be fine (and/or salvagable).
    18. YES, I used a card with a buyer's protection plan, to cover my butt just in case. :sneaky

      Mythdoll did post here recently with some answers to questions raised about Michael here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40649&page=5&highlight=mythdoll . I do hope that they are sincerely legit and that they are just a small company trying to learn how to deal with an world market.
    19. $100 for a whole doll? That worries me a bit, since the big dolls are all set at a more "normal" price. Maybe this was their prototype or something?