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*New* Dollshe on eLuts and Dollmore

Dec 25, 2004

    1. http://eluts.com/ and http://www.dollmore.com/

      Salubia = 56 cm
      wig=22.8 cm (9 inches)

      SA-Salubia *with sleeping head* = 56 cm
      wig =22.8 cm (9 inches)

      Mai = 25 cm
      wig = 29 cm (11.5 inches)

      Skin type = white
    2. This Sarubia appears to have more porcelain doll-like proportions than other bjd's.. not quite my cup of tea, but interesting none the less.

      - Therese
    3. For some reason, I'm thinking of Interview with the Vampire's Claudia...

      Must be the "porcelain doll" look.
    4. Have you seen the new tiny DollShe creations over at http://www.dollmore.com/? They're about six rows down, under "Mai," and I have to say they're not exactly my cup of tea either, but they're an interesting addition to what seems to be the latest "race" among the major companies to create teeny BJD.

      They're a little disturbing, IMO, I think mainly because of the overlarge heads and the shape of the eyes--to me the only thing I can think of when I look at them are kids with Down's Syndrome. But they're interesting, nonetheless.

    5. Love their chubby little legs and bellies. :)

      (Not too keen on the big heads though.)
    6. I think Mai
      the more I look at them the more they make me smile :grin:
    7. I wish I could pop the portion of the middle face around the bridge of the nose outward they look squished !!

      I do think they are ugly cute though!! but if I ever got one I would not dare to show the husband!! he would think me mad and I know he would think they are very ugly and deformed LOL

    8. She's cute... but only in a way that's cute to me because she looks like my friend's baby, Kayla. If I were to get a tiny bjd, it'll be a PF (Hopefully Minimay and/or Yoko) :)