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New Dollstown Bandi head and body Updated

Sep 30, 2005

    1. Can't see the difference besides the skin colour and lower lip. =/
    2. The new head is also less wide, especially at the top. The eyes are a bit more open.
      The nose is a little smaller, and the chin is different from the profile -- less chubby?
    3. I like 'em! And it says that the B-type body is more massivge than the C-body, but the waist measurement on the B is 18cm and the C is 18.8 cm, so I think it was a bit lost in translation... if that made sense. Just makin' sure everyone knows :wink: .
    4. I was kinda hoping Anjonghak would of posted a full body picture of the 13C. I would really like to see the hands and feet...
    5. how much are just the heads, and are there any MSD sized?
    6. I don't believe you can purchase a head without a body. Yes, Seol-a is MSd sized. She is 46 cm including the head.
    7. Head without face up is $120.00 and it for a 60cm sized doll.
    8. Hmm... I think I liked the old Bandi head better, actually. :( She had a rounder head, now she looks more like Estella but with closed lips. Oh well!
    9. I think it's a nice improvement. The head has a more oval shape overall. The skintone also appears more pinkish and natural.
    10. yeah your right the older heads resin looks a bit yellower..

      Anways what do you guys think of the 13C body. I am liking it a lot so far and am having trouble deciding at the last minute which to order. If I could see the rest of the 13C body then I would know for sure... :cry:

      OMG how did I miss this a boy Seola http://dollstown.com/zboard/data/seola/seol_a206.JPG
    11. I don't know why but sometimes Bandi reminds me of Sarah Gilbert. (ya know...Darlene with the long curls off Roseanne.) :love
    12. Hee hee. My bad. :oops:
    13. there's not only boys but a nymph too :)

      The new bandi looks amazing! Her features seem slightly softer to me, i think they lowered the features by a tiny bit.... love how sweet she looks now.

      Their faceups are getting better too :) look at those gorgeous lips!