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New DollTi Releases

May 26, 2006

    1. Too bad they only have SD size. :( Their dolls are lovely~
    2. Too bad their dolls are not anatomically correct :( i am not a maniac but a sexless doll - if not an angel - is not good for me T_T and they are charming boys.... sigh...
    3. Aw....cloud is soooooo cute:D i totally want him:D
    4. Moo-Yan!!?? Now I can't decide which I like more Woo-Yan or Moo-Yan!
      Crap. I still can't come up with a good enough excuse to get one. :(
    5. Here's Woo-Yan.
      I like him very much ^^
    6. :( They're sexless? They're really great looking, and I love their funny extra hands, but I think that sexless dolls are a tad creepy, so I guess I'll just oogle them on the forums.
    7. So they're finally doing Shin Cho but without the magnetic ears. Personally, I like being able to swap his ears out so easily. And while I can appreciate the idea of the detachable hands and feet, I have a DollTi "D" and find it very annoying that if I move his hands around much, they pop off very easily. Other than that, I love how different the DollTi boys are. I wonder if they are using the body that they use for "D" on Shin Cho? Sexless doesn't bother me as my boys sit around in their pants or underwear. And none of them have mentioned that they need an old Heinz pickle charm they can discretely tuck into their BVD's!
    8. I wish they weren't so short! 58cm! Maybe they're just really flat chested girls? I kid, I kid. :)

      Seriously, though, their head molds are so handsome that I'm tempted everytime I see them, but oh! So short!
    9. Weeee he's soo cute!!!!!! we love him! :D
    10. omg......cloud + sephiroth look-a-likes XD!!!!!!!!!!
    11. Maybe it's just the angle of the shots on ebay, but it looks like Shin-cho doesn't have as sharp a chin as the originals.
      I could just be seeing things, but I'd really appreciate it if someone with a Shin-cho boy could calm my fears. ^_~
      He's been the ONE boy on my wishlist for some time...and I don't want to miss out just because I'm being silly about a facemold. O_o

      Thank you!
    12. The new ShinCho looks like he's got fatter cheeks than the original and according to the auction, he takes 12mm eyes. Huh what??? My original ShinCho wears 18mm! 12mm is way too small! I suspect a typo maybe...
    13. Wouldn't they have re-worked the head to add ears? As far as I know, Shin Cho had magnetic elf and human ears, not fixed ears. Seems like they would have needed a new mold if they were going to produce a head with fixed ears. The DollTi Shin Cho does seem to have a different jawline with maybe a little less chin.
    14. I don't think he's anatomically incorrect. I think it's quite ok, though I notice Cloud has big hips ^O^
      Yeah too bad he's angel crotched, but it doesn't bother me. He's goin to be in a dress anyway
    15. Woo yan is so handsome! *.*
    16. I got my Woo Yan today!!!!!

      He is utterly gorgeous - wonderful face, chest, hands and just about everything else. He does'nt have a doo-dah but so what? He won't be running around trying get my girls in the sack :eusa_naug

      I can't recommend these dollfie boys highly enough - superb quality, fabulous packaging (he even came with his own food parcel, choccy biccies yum yum - i'll have them) and really fast delivery too, less than 3 weeks!!!

      I will try to take some pics of him when i put my camera software on my new computer (my old one died on saturday aaarrrrrgghhh).

      WOO YAN ROCKS even if he does'nt have a man thingy :)

      Now..............what shall i call him? :roll:

    17. I like that they're putting out the Lovelyhouse dolls again, but I'm really disappointed that they seem to be resculpting them. ;_; And the lack of magnetic ears also makes me sad.

      See? what happened to the cute pointy chin???

    18. ooou wow they look amazing! these Dollti's have beautiful faces! xD I agree they look like Cloud and Sephii @A@ Their wigs are so cool ^0^~!
    19. Congrats, man!

      Yeah give him a name ;)
      And show us more of his photos ;)