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new dollzone 1/3 girls released on 1st december

Nov 30, 2006

    1. gift girl's head(not for sale)
    2. Does anyone know how tall these girls are exactly? The site says 29cm for some reason...
    3. I see from the official site:
      Height:60cm chest:26cm head:21cm waist:17cm
      neck:10cm shoulder:12cm hip:26cm arm:18cm leg:15cm
    4. I don't find the body photos in official site. Maybe they have not put them up.
    5. Yes, that's a "cannot find server" page in Chinese :)

      Try http://www.dzdoll.com/AllProduct.asp which is the basic products page without frames, Flash, etc.

      I can't find a naked doll picture, but here is a full body photo of Yaqi: http://www.dzdoll.com/UserFiles/8(1).jpg

      - Liz
    6. Any idea what the prices will be? It says 1800 yuan on the webpage, which is 229 dollars USD according to google, and that can't be right because the minis are only 200....?

      How do we get the event head? Is there a certain date we'd have to order by? *wants Linlan EXACTLY as she is in the second photograph, with the black hair and that face-up*
    7. Linlan, Lianji and Yaqi are being sold on eBay by one of DZ's resellers for USD$380 each, and the auction page states that if you order by the 25th of December you will receive the event head and a free Christmas dress (photo of that is at the bottom of the auction page). You can get the face-up done like the photo for an extra USD$40, but the wig isn't supplied, although I'm sure they can tell you how to get that.

      - Liz
    8. On the ebay auctions it says to contact them if you're interested in just a head, but the US DZ page seems to be down and I'm not sure who I should contact. Anybody know how much heads alone would cost?
    9. i am the seller on ebay.^^
      (agent of dollzone company)
      head alone $80
      body alone $320

      abut www.doll-zone.com
      it is stop these days ,because new pages are being making.
      and will finished next week

      and about the christmas activities.
      before 25the december.(china time)
      1 if people perchase a 1/3 girl, the gifts are one 1/3 girl head (shengxi)and chrirstmas dress for 60cm girl
      2 if people perchase a 1/3 boy, the gift is one 1/3 girl head (shengxi)
      3 if people perchase a 1/4 girl, the gift is chrirstmas dress for 44cm girl
      4 if people perchase a 1/4 boy, the gift is chrirstmas dress for 45cm boy

      i will upload the body pictures of 1/3 girl later ^^
    10. OH MY GOD! THAT HAT!!!!:fangirl: yaqi's hat! Is there any place that sells hats like those? It would be absolutely perfect in completing a certain little character that I'm trying to put together. She needs a fuzzy white hat just like that!

      Thanks for any help!
    11. I have a question. On the eBay page for Cherry it says "9 available." Does that mean that only nine will ever be made, or that nine are available right now?