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New Dollzone 1/4 Boys out on the 25th

Oct 22, 2007

    1. Hi All,

      Dollzone are putting two new 1/4 dolls out on the 25th of this month.

      Teaser pics of Hid, the assassin......



      Teaser pics for Ray, Son of Heaven......



      Both boys are available as full sets. Hid is $320.00, Ray is $380.00.

      Pricing is $199.99 for the bare dolls in normal pink, normal yellow and white resin.

      Tan resin is available for an extra $60.00.

      Dollzone Faceup is $40.00.

      Hid clothing is $49.99, Ray clothing is $120.00.

      Ray and Hid wigs are $16.00.

      Ray and Hid shoes are $23.00.

      Head sizes are 19cm, so slighty bigger than the other 1/4 boys. Body is regular DZ 1/4 male body.

      I'll start a discussion thread and stick a couple more pics in there. ;)