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New Dollzone 60 cm Boys

Jun 14, 2007

    1. Dollzone have just released their new range of 60 cm Boys.

      I've created pages for them on the Toyshop website so you can follow the link to that in my signature to see lots more pics.

      There are a couple of new options to go with them, body blushing and full sets which include clothing, wig, shoes and accessories all for the one price.

      All agents should have received emails about the new boys so you can nag them as to when they will be available somewhere near you.

      Here are a couple of pics of the new boys that have just been released.







      X (version 1)


      X (version 2)


      Dollzone would like feedback so let me know what you think of them and I'll pass it along.
    2. Will the outfits and accessories be available separately? I'm kind of interested in the tennis outfit and tennis bag that Hirry has on...
    3. Can see more info at Featherfall too. ;) http://www.featherfall.ca

      The dolls can be purchased bare, not just on fullset - and yes, the clothing is available separately. Just in the process of updating those pages.

    4. Oufits, boots/shoes, wigs, eyes, bodies and heads are available as individual items. I didn't have time to update our site completely with everything. What will be available will come down to what each DZ agent decides to list on their site, although everything should be available direct from DZ if you can't find an agent willing to bring it in for you.

      The tennis bag, Saka's sword and shield may not be but I will check.
    5. Will fullsets not be available in Tan skin color? It seems all colors are available for fullset except the Tan *from what I've seen on sites* will that not be an option? I'd kind of like to have a fullset Tan X Version 2 if it's possible to get one.

    6. It wasn't in any of the dealer info I received as an fullset option (no pricing structure for it) but I will check and get back to you on it tomorrow. :)
    7. Tan is available as a fullset. $80.00 more the same as buying a tan doll versus one of the other resin colours.
    8. X V2 is weighing heavily on my mind o.o how much would a full set cost?
    9. A full set X v2 is $540 and shipping from here is $50.00 to the pacific region, that makes a total of $590.00.

      It might be an idea to check with the other agents as well as their shippng might be cheaper.
    10. are the fullsets limited?
    11. Nope. Neither the dolls nor the fullsets are limited - but there are some nice promotions around for their introduction. ;)
    12. I'd like to see nude shoots of the bodies, I'm liking their hands MUCH more than the 70 cm bodies... Will their bodies offered as parts as well?
    13. Yup, the bodies can be purchased on their own. You can see pics on our site http://www.featherfall. ca hehe, but he's a couple. ;)




    14. Someone mentioned 'but there are some nice promotions around for their introduction'.

      What are the promotions?

    15. It depends on the agent, I think. ;) So check out the different ones. DOllzone themselves are having a promotion though- for every fullset sold between june 15- july 15 they will add an extra pair of hands.
    16. On Junkyspot, you get a free carrier bag plus the hands if you order in the promotion time.
    17. We are still thinking about ours. It's a little hard when the lad comes with everything already. ;)