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New Dollzone outfits for Minis

Sep 17, 2007

    1. OMG I really love the Muse outfit, so beautiful.
      I think I will order one when my Bee-A come.

      Does these come from DZ factory ?
    2. Yup, they are straight from Dollzone. :) All agents have beem giving them the feedback -- people love the dolls, but want more clothes for them! ^_^
    3. I really like the Scaramouche outfit. Just wondering, do those shoes come with it...? o_O? (I wouldn't think so, but just checking...lol)
    4. No, the shoes are not included. We're still updating the shoes on our site, as DZ has released a lot of late, but you can find those directly on their site too. We just happened to have them in stock and I thought they looked fabulous with the outfit.