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New Domadolls - Kkotmu & Elf Jado

May 26, 2006

    1. I think they've actually been around a bit, at least the Elf Jado has, because some of us were able to get the hooves for our Kkotmus once she was released....I didn't realize the "smiling Kkotmu" had another name <G>. I'm not sure who has ordered Jado or if anyone has received her, haven't seen any owner pics.
    2. It is news because jado was very limited last time, only one dark jado horse type sold on ebay by the artist and one Special limited to one with witch outfit. So jado is not available to order.
    3. Nope, the smiling centaur is a new release. I won the smiling face centaur off ebay a couple of months ago. A second was sold on YJ. A third human version one off was also available in April. These three were the first (and only at that time) releases of Jado. Prior to this new current release the only centaur or human you could get is the Kkotmu. It looks like the Elf Kkotmu isn't available with this release.

      I have pictures of her here http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58009
    4. I really love the domadoll elf girls. I wish they were a little less expensive though. It just seems like such a high price for a tiny. I think elf Kkotmu is still available. She's not listed as sold out on the second page. Maybe I'll still be able to get one of these sweet girls eventually.
    5. Yes, Elf Kktoumu is available. :)
    6. I figured since she'd been discussed quite extensively back in March and at least a couple had been sold, that she wasn't technically a "new" doll. <shrug> I figured by new you meant a version we hadn't seen.