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New Dream of Doll Limited Tan Elf Sha on DoI body

Dec 4, 2008

    1. There's a new doll listed on the Dream of Doll Limited page, but without a name or information on the doll, only a teaser picture. :D No news yet on who it is or when he/she will be released. The page is here.


      (Mods, if this is not yet sufficient info to merit a news post, please merge/delete/lock as needed. ^_^)

      Please do not comment to this news thread unless it is actual news about the doll! Use the discussion thread instead! :3

      Discussion/speculation thread here:
      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=260111 :D
    2. Piccies are up of DOD's new limited- a black elf Sha :fangirl: Utterly stunning. No price yet that I can see...

      Piccies below to drool over :D



    3. ---> This way to the [thread=260839]Discussion[/thread] thread.
    4. Photos have been updated on the DoD site. Prices will be updated later and dolls will go on sale starting Dec 10.

      The Christmas limited is a tanned elf Sha on a DoI body:

      Three lucky buyers of the Tanned Elf Sha will get a tender tanned Elf Sha DoI, with makeup, as a prize. You must buy the limited tan elf Sha to qualify for the tender version giveaway.

      Tender Elf Tanned Sha:

      The event head is a normalskin tender elf Sha, and is free when you buy over $300 of DoD products between December 10-31. Makeup is not included but may be purchased for the head.

      Event head:

      Please see DoD's site for further details. :D
    5. Price has been posted! He is $650, or $729 with outfit.

      Also, this message from DoD:


      * Revision *

      : This Black Elf Sha's body is different with another D.O.I body.

      Because we customed this body to be matched with Black Elf Sha's head.

      And also we've customed this head to be matched with this D.O.I body.

      We're sorry for this confusion.