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New Dream of Doll!

Sep 22, 2004

    1. :o
      They've released a "Tender Yen" who is absolutely gorgeous, and a new Too & Bee-A set, both unlimited. (*waves happy unlimited flag*) They're both available on the English site, as well as heads & bodies individually! Click here to go right to the Enlgish dolls!
    2. Thanks for the link! I just love the new Too & Bee-A! Especially that first picture of them together where he's playing with her hair- just too cute!! :D
      But now I don't know if I'd rather have the 'regular' set or the 'tender' set... hmm. I like waaay too many dolls for my own good. And my checkbook's!
    3. Omy goodness !!!!
      I love that Tender Bee A !...sigh !....
      Thank you for the news and link ! :grin:
    4. Yeah, I saw them on the Korean site last night and made these tags for them in my sig ^_^;;;
      I love that I can just get the heads!!!!
    5. Wah! Site ish down for maintenance for four hours. Well, it should be back up when I get home.

      I might have to add Thender Yen to my Want list XD
    6. i can't see the site ;...........;
    7. Yeah, I just checked it and it appears to be down. So is eLuts.... Hmmmmmm
    8. The site is back up again yay! OMG I love the new Tender Too ahhhhhhhhhh! I am splitting a Tender Too and Bee-A order with my friend, she'll get the Bee-A! I shall get Tender Too who I luv! I hope they make a Tender Mir........... hehe
    9. OMG, look at those new clothes!

      God, I wish DOD stuff didn't sell out, like, instanteously... I SO want some of those outfits. ;O;
    10. :o That's awesome! Now I can buy my Too a tender Too face!!! two expressions for both my dolls. Thanks for the heads up!!
    11. Im too excited to log in!

      OMG! I went psychotically spazoid over them! XD Now i want all the 'tender' editions! WAH! XD

      *whacks self over head* No. Must focus on saving for Kuja. Must focus...

      -Annie Currently like all these atm-> :D :grin: :o [​IMG] :? :cry: :| *_*

      but especially like this -> *_*
    12. waaah! were they in stock AT ALL? (clothes)
    13. The limited ones were in stock for about an hour after the listed them... The outfits are GORGEOUS, but not worth an extra 1200.00 or so IMHO...
    14. what about the ones listed in the regular "dress" section?
    15. Yeah, for like 30 minutes. I wanted the pants! :cry:
    16. I wish there was some way to be notified when they updated. I worked 10 1/2 hours today, I can't be online all day hitting "reload" every day of the week! :crushed
    17. I've been lucky once. Any time after that, forget it. Out of stock. Out of stock. Blah. :|
    18. both wigs i wnated bAD went out of stock before i coudl buy them. so i picked 3 other lovely wigs and let a friend order one for me. i dunno which one. but i know that somehow I'l lget a black haired longish wig.

      i just wish they woudl restock more often and in bigger quanities. and mor ethen one item at a time.
    19. Hmmm... have you tried using IE subscription monitor? I have it set to check every 10 minutes on a couple of sites and it fashes the IE icon when it's been updated and can send me an email. The only catch is that it has to be running to check. If you have a computer at work you could leave yours on at home to check and then just wait for an email message at work?
    20. Ooh, can you link me to that? I'd love to be able to snag some of those awesome outfits -- that get snatched up so quickly, and you can't sit there and refresh one site 24/7 ( especially when you're already doing that with several other sites ^^;; )

      Oh, and does anybody know if they'll keep on restocking the clothes, or if things get taken off the website eventually? At least if they keep it up, you can keep trying to get what you want ( ::coughThose leather trenchcoats!cough:: ) , but it would suck if things got discontinued eventually. ;O;