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New Dreaming Version Dahlia Lusion from Dollmore

Aug 11, 2009

    1. Email came through today!!!!

      Link to Product

    2. What? I understand they are selling the dreaming Dahlia with a normal head, and if you want the dreaming one, you have to pay 440$ more??
    3. * If you bought a Dahlia doll before,
      you can take a chance that buy a dreaming head ($440usd) separtely. ^^
      Hope your lots of interests~~
      thanks for your time. Dollmore

      Apparently so.
    4. I think Dollmore simply did not update the first few lines of product information. I think it should read: "- Normal assembled body + Dreaming head." The $440 dreaming head is available separately to customers who purchased Dahlia from Dollmore in the past.
    5. I thought Dahlia was off topic?
    6. Dahlia was re-determined to be on topic last month. Thanks!