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New Dust of Dolls on new appi body Cota and Coti

Oct 11, 2017

    1. Already one month has passed since the end date of the preorder at Dust of Dolls on new appi body Cota and Coti. :sumomo:
      Which one did you choose?
      How does the new body function?
      Has mobility improved?
      Can the dolls stand without a stand?
      And how do you prepare for the arrival of long-awaited girls?

      I could not choose any one. :pout: I bought both a deer and a fox. :kitty2 I really want to make a make-up. Of course the make up of the company is very good. But I did not want to wait another 2 months. Please tell me your feelings of expectation. I want to know that I'm not the only one experiencing these moments. Thank you
    2. @Roxsaalina I got Cöti ^_^ Couldn't resist the ears, the lips and chubby cheeks!

      I think the new body works quite fine, based on the pics Dust of dolls & Quartz_qin has shared. They have new joints on the torso and on the upper thighs.
      Dust of dolls has 3 pics on Instagram showing the new body while sitting. I prefer it better since it looks more natural and the body can slouch a little bit. And based on the pics, they can stand quite sturdy without help too :D So in general it looks like the mobility has changed a bit and improved. Need to check Neze & Jäma owner pics as well, since they have the new body also!

      I'm not prepared at all yet:lol: My friend does my Cötis faceup and other friend makes her a wig at the same time, so I don't have to worry about those. My friend also promised to make her a set of clothes as well. I just give them the instructions when needed! 6 months is a long time. I'm just so excited about the whole thing but also anxious since I know that I don't get to see her in person before my friends do their magic :lol: I think that adds up +1-2 months waiting time for me I ques. But it's worth it! Tailored clothing, faceup and custom alpaca - with the help of my friends I'm able to bring my ideas alive :D
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    4. I already get a handmade Cöti.
      The new body is really cool and stand really better than the previous one (My friend takes many pictures of Appi V2 body, you can see them here => Yume
      Yes, the mobility is good !
      And she stand really easily.

      If you have any question about the body, I can try to answer ^^
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    5. thanks for the answer. I'm glad that I find people enthusiastic as I am. I'd love to take a look at all the photos from Cota and Coti.
      Today I bought a piece of thin wood. I will make furniture for them.
    6. Hi! I bough both dolls and I still don't believe! I have to wait for the Esthy make up but is not a problem. I made some pics to see clothes on the dolls but I didnt sew anithing... I hope I can sew something before they arrive home :p
      It's nice to know there are more people waiting for them :)
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    7. I'm really looking forward to it. recently paid the last payment. Yesterday I made clothes for them.
    8. I have some new fabrics but I still had no time to sew anything... hope I can before they arrive home!!!
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    9. I bought Cota and I'm very exciting :dance
      I can't wait !!!
    10. I wait for 2 Cöta's , i think in the end of february they will come home =)
    11. I'm really excited with the idea of sew something but I do not dare if I make a mistake and ruin the fabrics ... does anyone know if there are patterns for Appi somewhere?
    12. As I haven't bought any of the lovelies (I have a Lünn and a hybrid Lünn, so I can't complain), I'll just live though you all and stalk the thread here... ;-)
    13. I just got a Cota on layaway from someone who sale her on facebook, i hope we will be able to got the blank dolls before Christmas! I’m so excited to see her in real!
    14. Your body should be arriving any day now from what I see on the facebook they shipped them out.