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New El "Tanning Skin" - 6 are left

Nov 29, 2005

    1. I just saw this on Luts' website:


      I'm not quite sure if it's a black and white photo or not, but in either case: :fangirl
      There's no price on him yet.
    2. *dies* TOOOO HOOOT!!
      OMGOSH!! OHHH GOSH! He is tooooo gooorgeeeous!!!
    3. one word : EVILNESS

      hmm i will get him later not now :D
    4. He is gorgeous of course...though I really wish they would of posted a color picture...i mean what's the point of having a tan toned doll if yer not going to show off it's lovely warm brown tones??:| Well Imean that for a maker of the doll, they should be showing off color pictures...not black and white.
    5. They want to tease ^___- He still looks gorgeous, even in black and white!
    6. oh my goodness!!! someone lend me money!!!!!! *cries*
    7. Damn, he's beautiful. But why is he in black and white? :o
    8. YES!!! Gorgeous!!
    9. Woooow. His makeup looks amazing. *swoon*
    10. He is gorgeous !!! Can't wait for them to post up some of his colour pictures. I'm going to check Luts site every hours from now. God, the waves of new delfs.
    11. Wow! he looks great so far
    12. Stunning! *_*
    13. *_* Oh me gord... *passes out*
    14. I want him so bad...
      He looks so cool
      I hope they post more pics soon
    15. Wow!!! All the influx of tanned dolls coming out or rumoured to be! I am so pleased there is a tanned El, oh manzz, I am just so in love with tanned El and tanned Lahoo now >_<
    16. I saw this topic and my exact words were "Bah! Duh! BAH!!" XD He's so damn pretty, Luts are evil :)
    17. Isn't he beautiful?

      Wah! Woosoo might have to wait a little longer than I thoughts. -_-;;
    18. He is so gorgeousssssssssss ! And did you notice ? He is not in the Delf Art section, so maybe, he will be at a "fair" price ? and "unlimited" ? (maybe it's just me dreaming, but, it could be greeeeaat !) !
    19. Ohhhh my O_O I don't even want to see a colored picture! I don't! Don't show me! I'll want him too much! *hides*
    20. In another thread, I think Sean said the tan El was going to be limited. Alas!