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New Elfdoll at Luts

Dec 23, 2004

    1. OK!

      I think you can order her from Dollyparadise (except the site owner is ill right now)

      They gave her name as Carsi...Catsy makes a lot more sense! :)

      I really, really want her (sigh)
    2. *chuckles* I was a little surprised by her, actually. Guess I'm more used to the idea of people dressing like cats than of biped kitty girls. :)
    3. Yep, we first learned about "Carsi" a couple of months ago at Dolly Paradise, and she's been available there for purchase through Lisa since then. I think several DP customers have ordered her, but at this point I do think there needs to be a mention that Lisa has had some "significant" problems with the fulfillment of orders through ElfDoll.

      Customers were first promised a two week turnaround/processing time for the dolls, but after the first couple of weeks, that processing time was amended to "one month."

      Sadly, each shipment to date that I'm aware of has experienced some slightly "fishy" delays. Lisa's ElfDoll liaison has promised tracking numbers when the orders were shipped, but due to a variety of reasons (being repeatedly out of the office and unable to produce the promised tracking number, even upon return to the office, when the number suddenly goes "missing" or misplaced; shipments repeatedly being "returned" to them for a variety of reasons and needing to be reshipped, at which point there is still no tracking number to give, and the whole process of excuses begins again ... and so on and so on).

      I placed my order for Adel on 10/19, shortly after ElfDoll said that they could promise the dolls would be shipped in one month. To date, and as far as I know, Adel, her sisters and their clothes, having been ordered by other customers like me, have still not been received by Lisa, and the same excuses by ElfDoll are still coming.

      They say the dolls were shipped after the shipment was again returned to them, but they still can't provide a tracking number, and more and more customers are getting the gut impression that Lisa is being lied to and given the runaround. Lisa has already gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us get our little elves, but when the supplier can't or won't produce, there's not much else that can be done except continue to wait and get more and more frustrated.

      I don't know if ordering through eLuts has produced better results for other customers, but at least as far as my own experience has been so far, I think ElfDoll has a tendency to fib about the status of their shipments, so I guess I can only offer two words:

      Buyer Beware,
    4. Uh, pardon my french, but, damn. *_*

      I did a search on Catsy and came up with nothin. -.-; So, sorry for posting on her again. :P
    5. Oh, no, no, Dralore, I wasn't trying to say you should have found anything on her in the archives. I think the few threads that have mentioned her haven't actually named her, so you probably wouldn't have found much, if anything, especially under "Catsy."

      Carsi/Catsy is definitely on my list of dolls I'd love to own, and hopefully one day I can bring her home--I think I was just kind of venting my frustrations over the whole "ElfDoll" situation. Sorry if I seemed too "grr" about the whole thing. Waiting for them is definitely a part of loving our BJD, I just wish ED could be a little more "up front" with us about their fulfillments.

    6. I hope Luts have more luck than Lisa :(
      I adore Elf dolls , I keep hopeing Lisa will be able to deal with them I desperatly want one of the Monnaemi sisters :( ,
    7. I've said this before, but: "creepy."
    8. What I find creeiper are these new DollShe creations found at Dollmore:


      First off, I'm just not a big fan of the "Chubby Baby" type BJD, and to me they just look kind of like ... and *please* don't take offense, anyone ... like little Down's Syndrome babies. I think it's the Frankenstein-ish square heads that disturb me.

    9. hrm, I kinda like Catsy!

      but does anyone here have an elf doll? I'd be interested in seeing photos of them with other dolls as well as how well they pose and how well made they are.
    10. I think tinybear has one--a Silf, if I'm right--so maybe she can post a few pix?

    11. Yeah, okay, now that is even creepier.

    12. :grin: LOL these made me laugh
      I kinda like them , they qre a bit weird , I think I like them
    13. Oops yeah I have Silf , I call her Luthien
      I changed her eye size and lips ,
      I love my tiny Elf , she is my favorite
      her is a picture of her defult ,
      after I changed her face and in her Christmas outfit



    14. Is Lisa on the mend?

      I emaiiled her and she thought she would have dolls before Christmas...so I ordered Silf...

      Tinybear - did you get your Silf from LUTS? How did your ordering go?

    15. It would sure be nice if the dolls *did* come in by Christmas, but to be honest, I'm not holding my breath. The last we heard on the Dolly Paradise list was this post from Chloe (Lisa's daughter) back on 12/19:

      Hello all!!

      This is Chloe (lisa's daughter ^^). Mom hasn't told me much, but she did
      tell me that ElfDoll supposedly sent them a little while ago, but lost the
      tracking #. i'm so sorry for the huge delay in this whole mess. Soon you
      will have your dollies. Mom is very ill, and i'm sorry she can't talk to you
      directly. I KNOW this is frustrating, but unless we take a field trip to
      Korea, there's not much we can do about it ><. it's hard to be patient, i
      know. I will keep the group informed if i get any more news from Lisa. ^^
      Thankyou SOOOO much for your patience and i hope the dollies get here soon.


    16. no I orderd mine off Lisa
      I was the first order and it came through OK -
      apparently RainMan wasnt prepared for how popular his tiny dolls were going to be and has been bogged down

      I have e.mailed Luts , I want to know about the Monaemi Sisters , I will let you know if I hear from them
      I would sooner get her from Lisa though if I can
    17. i love the monaemi sisters myself :) but eLuts wouldnt get into business with them if they weren't dependable, because it ruin's lut's credability... so maybe they got their act together
    18. I hope so! The current theory is that ElfDoll may be concentrating all its efforts on the larger, more proven (and domestic for Korea) distributorship of eLuts, while putting orders from smaller, lesser known and international distributors like Dolly Paradise on the back burner in favor of those domestically driven orders. Sad, but more than possibly quite true.

    19. ooh, tinybear, please do let us know, as I'm desperately hoping there may be a way for me to get my hands on one of the Monnaemi Sisters. :chibi