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New Elfdoll Fashions and Wigs

Apr 6, 2006

    1. New fashions for both the Rainy Girls and Wu have been posted on the Elfdoll website today including a Wedding Gown. There are also some new wigs too.
    2. Wow, that wedding dress is absolutely stunning. Any idea when it'll be available?
    3. I find when they post new outfits that it's about a month before you get them. Sometimes longer depending on how and who you order it from.
    4. They are making changes to some of the items. Some of the jackets shown before are not included in the pricing but are an extra option. Plus they've added another pair of male shoes and fist hands now in snow skin for Nabee.
    5. Another new outfit added. "Queen Blackrose". This one is a real change of pace from all the others. Something regal. Plus also fist hands for Wu are now up too.