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[New Elfdoll] Special VIVIAN LE50

Dec 3, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      You can find Vivian through our Elfdoll website & the Elfdoll retailers.

      Also, you can connect with our Elfdoll USA showroom directly.

      Artmaze USA Inc./ DBA ELFDOLL USA
      1141 N. Brand Blvd. #100, Glendale, CA, 91202 USA
      email : helpdesk@artmazeusa.com
      tell : 1-818-507-6936

      Elfdoll retail shop info

      Website: http://denverdoll.com

      [Doll Peddlar]
      Website: www.dollpeddlar.com

      [Contemporary Artist Dolls]
      Website: www.contemporarydollshop.com

      [Junky Spot]
      Website: http://junkyspot.com

      [Lone Star Dolls]
      Website: http://www.lonestardolls.com

      Email: treasuredolls@yahoo.com

      [Paula Osbun's dollshop]
      Email: sqwali@hotmail.com

      [Jasmines Cottage]
      Website: http://jasminescottage.com

      [My Favourite Doll]
      Website: www.mfd.net

      [Manus Doll ]
      Website: www.manus-doll-shop.de

      If you have any questions, please connect with us.
      We will do our best for you.

      Foreign Trade Manager
      Artmaze USA Inc.
      Tell: 1 818-507-6936
      Fax: 1 818-507-7426
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    2. will a basic version of vivian be released? I'm in love with her face..><
    3. Is she a new version of an old mold (some of her features remind me of Nabee) or a new mold completely? Either way she's beautiful!
    4. Vivian will have the standard skin and the normal makeup condition without this wonderful fashion.


      It is totally new sculpting by Rainman!!

    5. I absolutely adore the traditional Korean wig! It's just awesome! (And it reminds me of Goong) Is there any chance it will be sold separately?
    6. Is her name Vivien or Vivian?
      Or is it the same? >3<
    7. I don't understand, what is the difference between her real skin and the normal skin of standard versions?
    8. linn: Elfdoll's real skin (only on Special Rainy girls so far) is a darker shade than normal skin. It has more brown in the color, but it is not a "tan" color. Elfdoll's normal skin is the standard ivory color and lighter than real skin. Elfdoll real skin is only on special releases, previously with Special Hazy.
    9. Ms. Cholong, I'm just very unsure how the wigs are supposed to work on the limited edition. Is the Gachae a separate braid that is placed on top of the straight wig? One of the instructions says that the straight wig should be pulled into a pony tail. Does the Gachae go all the way around the crown of the head or just part of it? Or does it cover the whole head? It's so hard to see with the black hair. Do you have a picture of the Gachae separate from the doll? And, my last question, do you have a picture of the back of the head of the limited edition with the wig and Gachae on it? Thank you!