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New Elfdoll tinies!

Apr 26, 2009

    1. I checked out the ElfdollShop and
      It looks like they are releasing renewals of Adel, Sylf,
      Lyn, Kai and Winky,
      as faeries with different ear styles!
      They also have magnetic feet so they can be easily changed.
      The info, (price etc...) is yet to be released.
      Link: http://www.elfdollshop.com/shop/step_submain.php?b_code=B20061018034742
      On the sides of the pics it says 2009.5, so they might be released next month?

      If there is already a news thread for this please feel free to delete~​
    2. Yup! The site should be open on the 1st of May. So they'll be for sale then. We've been talking nonstop about it on the discussion thread, but we hadn't added to the news thread yet. Thanks! We're all so excited!