Event New England Bjd Convention!!

Feb 9, 2019

    1. Hi everyone!

      I am super excited to say that Instagram’s @cloudburstdolls (Amara77/Nicole on here) and I, @yumedolls_2 on instagram (Christa/Marinafish on here), will be hosting a BJD Room at PopCult Anime Con in Framingham, MA this August!!

      We are sooooo excited because there are not many bjd activities in the New England area. We’re hopefull we can expand the doll base up here and build up community activities.

      If you’re up in New England, we’d LOVE to have you come!! We’re also looking for folks who may be interested in hosting a panel- so if you have a dolly skill you’d like to showcase, contact me or Nicole!

      I answer Instagram chats with more regularity than forum messages, or email me: [email protected]
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    2. Do you have more information you could share? Is there a FB page or website? I live in Albany now but I frequently go to Doll North with my friends from Buffalo so I’d love it if I could be any help!
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    3. @marinafish That's great! I was one of the people who helped host the BJD meetup for the first year of PopCult in 2016. :) I hope there are more people there this coming summer. We had like 4 visitors for the meet that year.:sweat Though it was a bit of a last-minute impromptu meet on Inyx's part, so I don't think there was enough pre-con advertisement for it.

      For the BJD room, is there going to be doll clothes/accessories for sale? Or is it just a meetup/panel-type situation?
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