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New event from Nobility Doll

Feb 24, 2011

    1. Here's the detail of the new upcoming event from NobilityDoll:

      Special My Ball Jointed Doll Open Special Big Event!!!

      Dear Customers
      We have opened Special My Ball Jointed Doll again.
      This time, we have a lot more to offer as we have corporated with other Top designers.
      Also, it took about 2 to 3 mohth for the heads before, but now, it will come to you within 40 days.
      This is an event to celebrate our new SM bjd.

      Event will be held from Feb. 25 to Mar. 25.

      *For those who request, we offer 60cm male body or 57cm female body with 40% off the price (420$ ->252$)

      *For those who group order, the offer still stays the same.
      (The body photos will be updated soom)

      important information

      * Head Price: 400$
      * The size of the head: You can choose between SD size or MSD size.
      * You can choose between Normal skin or White skin. (There will be an extra cost of 60$ for custom skin)
      * For corrections: there will be 2 free corrections, and you can have up to 5 corrections (30$ of extra cost for additional correction)
      * For individual orderers, you can order up to 10 products. (30$ of extra cost for each head)

      * For group orders, it is 70$ per each if you order more than 10.

      (For group orders, regardless of the number of people, one person can also order multiple number of dolls)

      *It is necessary to show us images of different angles. Photos, drawings, and illustes are all possible.
      *After you talk about the character in your own cafe or community, you can order together as a group order.

      -When you make individual as well as group order, I offer you seperate payment page in our website.
      You can see the working photos and every information through this page.

      * Custom head : 40 days
      ( There is a possibility of change due to certain situation)

      * You can sen the images to this email nobility2006@naver.com