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New Eyes @Souldoll - UPDATE about Eye size!!! >_<

Apr 23, 2005

    1. http://www.souldoll.com/shop/step_submain.php?b_code=B20021125011548


      Okay, apparently the NEW souldoll eyes have smaller irises. When I emailed them about the eyes that I recieved (the ones I thought were 14mm) they sent me this:

      Eyes that we send is 16mm eyes that announce newly.
      There were a lot of opinions that iris of 16,18mm that sell in existing is so big.
      So, eyes' iris size that come out newly was decrescent.
      You can confirm that is same 16mm if compare whole diameter of eyes.
      Please confirm as there is the picture that compare size of newly turned eyes to gallery.
      Thanks. ^^

      There is a pic of what I thought were the newe 14mm size if you scroll down in this post, but needless to say, I'm not happy about this - I for one LIKED the larger size of SoulDoll irises *cries* :crushed :crushed :crushed
    2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AH!!! I wants them!!! >_< Nooooooo. Cannot order from Souldoll again. That would be like, 3 times in a month. *hits self*
    3. And of course, I spent my doll budget for this month on Eye Candies eyes... Gah!
    4. OH. MY. GOD. 14mm Soul doll eyes. AWESOME! and FINALLY!

      Only I can DEFINITELY not afford them Until August... GAH!
    5. Hmm... they actually sent me 14mm instead of the 16mm I ordered last time.. they arrived today:

    6. WOW! So much smaller! Now THATS more what I was expecting size-wize from their 16mm! XD Tanks for sharing!
    7. Argh! I want a pair of N-cat 7 but I can't justify the $17 shipping. T_T

      I even added a second pair of eyes and the phone and I still won't let myself spend that much on shipping. TT_TT

      It's not fair. Darn tight-fisted sense of proportion.
      I want those eyes.
    8. OMG finally they have dark purple again! :cry: ::tears of joy::
    9. those are really pretty though they look similar to the pair i already have. I love soul doll eyes, but i need an alternative for Demeter because the irises are raised..they don't fit correctly with her angry cien eyes. soft glass maybe. But yes, these are gorgeous. I smell another group order!
    10. thank you for the headsup.... I wasn't supposed to buy anymore eyes since I'm waiting for 3 pairs of ED eyes..... but I couldn't resist those purples! Bad me T.T I might have to sell off some coz I am not sure if the ED eyes will be the same color.... I hope souldoll ships quickly... I still haven't received my confirmation XD

    11. bump for new eye information **please read, first post** :| :| :|
    12. ASDF. I *just* ordered some, downgrading all the iris sizes to get around that issue. :x

      Well, at least one of the pairs was in an old color, and so should be correct. ::headdesk::
    13. But...but...cats-eyes are SUPPOSED to have huge irises...cats don't have much whites to their eyes at all!
      Anybody know how the new iris sizes compare to the irises of Soom's cats-eyes?
    14. SO did I! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I hope the eyes are usable XD otherwise my petit will have a whole range to choose from :cry: :roar
    15. Pretty much Off Topic, but you know - this is the only forum I know of where random eyes are just sort of there, without any gory/graphic/symbolic meaning. :oops:
    16. the eyes have arrived.... and they are a bit too small for my Big dollies, but a bit too big for Petit Raphael's sockets.

      gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :(
    17. Awh.. :( Now I'm nervous about mine ^^;;

      (Did you get a shipping notice before they came? I don't think I've gotten one..)
    18. I joined Souldoll site, and you can check your order status there.... there is a link to the EMS tracking site too
    19. Oh! Yup, it's in my state today, so I should get eyeballs today or tomorrow :D (...or Thursday, considering that I'll likely get the "Sorry we missed you!" slip first :x )
    20. I ordered about 7 pairs of eyes and waiting for them to get here, My boys and girl need some changes, they have had their default eyes far too long :lol: