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New FCS 2004 Beta up

Jan 9, 2005

    1. I didn't see it posted anywhere, but it seems that the FCS 2004 Beta is up and running ** at Domuya.net ** -edit-

      Feel free to correct me if this has allready been posted!
    2. *throws self on the ground and sobs over the fact that she can't afford Jiko right now* Argh. Well.. maybe in March! I'd heard from Tamara about how they were taking Sato orders until the 18th, but wasn't sure if that meant they weren't taking anymore after that. So good to know they definitly will continue doing them, even only at certain timeframes! =D
    3. OMG! Check out the gun hand! So cool! **drools** I wish it was an optional part available for regular purchase, too.
    4. O.O Mmk, I'm loving almost all the Sato heads. I never used to like any of the FCS heads, but dang...

      BTW, is it just me or does it seem like they've changed the F-05 (Old F-08.)? I may just be crazy, but if I were to see that head and not know it was the new F-05 I'd say it was a customized F-08.


      Is that a...Cyndy head? If it is I'm gonna flip...

      My parents need to win the lottery...big time...
    5. It does look a little altered to me. The old F08 had a huuuuuuuuuge forehead, whereas this one looks a little more scaled back. It could just be perspective though.

      And no, that's not Cyndy. None of the LE heads are available through FCS except... the Ken/Mika.

      ...And I wish they had better pics! It's so hard to tell what the new heads look like from those overexposed scans ;_; I really want to see the F14 and the F18 done up with faceups and all that jazz.

      I assume no one has any more info than I do, but any word on whether a few of the heads would be released as spare parts again? (Of course none of the ones I really want, as those are Sato exclusives u_u)
    6. w00t! Thanks so much for posting this, Mandiiv!

      I thought Domuya would never have the catalogue up. =_=

      Finally some pics of F-14!!

      scarlet_hands, that's not a Cyndy. :( It's a smaller (skinnier?) version of Nono. There's so many versions of Nono!! *_*
    7. Is it me, or does F20 look a lot like Link?
    8. *drools*

      Um, I think the order I would want would come out to about $1,200... *dies* Maybe in March...
    9. Is the F-19 a new head, or just an old F-somethingelse? I'm not familiar with Volks heads.

      If this has been asked/explained elsewhere, I'd love a link!
    10. f19 is a new FCS head
    11. I do love the new ones, I'd consider owning the new F-14, I find it quite cute; for some reason I find it similar to the LE Jun's head...
      Also, the F-21 headmold has those closed eyes, though, doesn't it? Kinda looks odd(only in my opinion, that's perfectly alright if others like it or even love it...^ ^) I guess we'll just have to see these dolls customized in the future...

      And is it just me... or does the F-05 (old F-08?) have a very flat head now? I mean, it did have a very large forehead, but it kinda seems like they shrunk the headcap down, not the forehead... :oops: *_*

      Overall, I like it. There's a nice selection, they added things, which is always good.