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NEW FCS additions

May 22, 2005

    1. Yuzuko says:

      It seems that Volks added following heads to the choices of Sato FCS.
      - Yori
      - Kun
      - Link

    2. you can still buy Link as a normal sd13 boy rght? without going through FCS?
    3. that's a great news :D
      hope, thay going to add it during next 3 months, so I'll be able to get it in Japan ^^
      thanks Amie for the information!
    4. Yey for everyone who wanted Kun! And yey for me, since I wanted a long-leggy Link! XD
    5. I am very pleased that they have introduced the Yori head to FCS. I have been pining after her but all my dolls are in BW and I don't want her to be any different.
    6. yay for more fcs options... but I don't think they'll sway me from F-20. Which is good! :D
      I guess I'm a li'l disappointed that there aren't any NEW new heads, but this is still pretty awesome.
    7. This is great news! I've had my eye on Kun, but not so sure I really want her yet. It's nice to know she will be easier to buy if I choose to purchase her sometime down the road ~ ^-^
    8. Ah, just when I thought it would be too much of a hassle to get a Kun boy. X_x Well, this is good news I suppose. *still thinking over her 60cm doll choice*
    9. How awesome! *still pining for Yori*

      Thanks for letting us know, Aimee.
    10. That's such good news! *has dreams of a sunlight Kun boy :drool * Or a beauty white Yori or.... Hope that Liz's body gets added too eventually!
    11. yay!!! kun boy :D

      Do you know if domuya or superdollfie.org will be supplying these?
    12. *mentally prods VOLKS* SDC FCS.

      *crosses fingers*

      Hey, would y'all stop tempting me? (God, sunlight skin Kun boy = love.)
    13. Oh shite. Sunlight SD13 long-leg Link..... Argh... I should not look in the news sections anymore..... :|
    14. *ponders a snow skin Link* Hmm.... *_*
    15. What awesome news! I want a snow skin Kun~.... :D
    16. Ponders a snow skin Madoka

      YEH some hope!
    17. Just a question that might be kinda dumb...have the new heads already been added, or will this happen sometime in the future? I'm going to Tenshi no Sato next weekend...and I'm in the market for a snow Kun boy...

    18. Yay for new FCS. Now I have to recontemplate who I want as my FCS girl (darn you Volks!). Maybe if they keep adding things, they might eventually put Liz's body on or give you the option of kneeling legs for the SD13's. ^.^ That would be sweet. :D
    19. Thank you Volks!
      Was sort of hoping for more Head choices but anything they put out I'm all for it.

      A snow skin Link?! :chibi