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new FCS headmolds: MSD 04, 07, 13; FCS F-13, F-20

Sep 15, 2004

    1. Found some pictures of some of the new headmolds, and thought I'd share them here in case anyone is interested. ^_^ I hope someone finds them useful!

      More sites with F-06 girls, F-09 boys, etc. that I found a longer time ago are listed here: http://www.freepgs.com/shan/headmold.html
      There's a few new F-19 and F-21 links, too.

      MSD F-04. She's rather sweet-looking, with those tiny little lips! Perhaps a less child-like face than some MSDs?
      Castello di Bambola's Lulu- http://mitsuhime.com/
      Shamon's Kaguya - http://www19.big.or.jp/~syamon/

      MSD F-07. Hmm. Not sure if I like this face yet, it'll take a while to grow on me.
      Hozumi-san's No. 7-chan - http://www5.plala.or.jp/yucca/sdtop.htm

      Not so new, but also interesting to see:

      Another MSD F-05, Souya-san's Ouha

      MSD F-06 boys. This headmold is surprisingly versatile...and take a look at Blue Bird's 06 boy Mao! @_@ He's the spitting image of her Anais boy Kishi...adorable! I wonder if she takes face-up commissions... I would never have thought that I'd want an F-06 in any shape or form, but now I'm wavering. ^_^;;
      Blue Bird's Mao - http://natadecoco.cool.ne.jp/bb/
      Aka Neko's Shinya (sunlight 06 boy) - http://chiba.cool.ne.jp/chiba-ryo/Chibas-Home-Caution.htm

      MSD F-13s. I know some people are interested in seeing more use of the optional ears...try the Yousei Ear Union, which is a comprehensive list (as far as I can tell) of all the F-13s (and other FCS yousei types like F-11 & 12, although there are none yet) posted online so far.

      SD FCS:
      New F-13 heads.
      Yukisakisou's Miyako - http://www16.vis.ne.jp/~keito/doll/main.htm
      Castello di Bambola's Lu-i (boy) - http://mitsuhime.com/

      And finally, I found a site with an F-20. ^_^ He is conveniently pictured with a Shirou and Tsukasa. I think F-20 is my favourite FCS SD head so far, he has this genial look that I like.
      Hina-san's Shiki - http://janken.pyon.org/scene_24/index.html
    2. Ooh, thanks so much Shan! I'd been hoping to see more pictures of the F-20 headmold sometime soon, as I was trying to figure out if my second boy would be that or a 21. (Think I'm still leaning for the 21, though the 20 is adorable!) X3
    3. You bet I'm interested!! And I'm sure lots of others are too. Thank you so much.. I've peeked at a few but plan on really looking closely at all of the photos you've linked to when I get more time. I remember when MSD FCS was only a dream... this is so exciting :D
    4. I'm really excited about MSD FCS myself. ^_^ When it first came out, I griped because none of the faces looked nice to me, but since I've seen all the beautiful little ones appearing on the Japanese sites, I've started to fall for more and more of them!

      Looking at these MSDs, with their faces full of character and potential...it makes me really think that Volks puts so much care and effort into their sculpts, they are definitely right there amongst the top makers of this size of doll.
    5. Thank-you so much for sharing these links - I've been abusing your website's head mold list like crazy while trying to decide which MSD is right for me :oops: Some of these new FCS girls are really sweet looking....
    6. I find that with Volks, you never really get to see good photos until the owner pics come out! I always try to wait and decide whether I like a doll or not based on the owner photos.. although that wouldn't be useful for limited dolls! For FCS it is really nice to be able to browse a variety of photos first though. Thanks again for your links!
    7. Shinibun: I'm glad you found the list useful! ^_^ "Abuse" away!

      Deb: No problem. I agree, it takes a real owner to bring out a doll's full potential. Often Volks' official photos don't attract me, but when I see pictures of an owned doll, I realise its beauty. ^^
    8. Definitely! I was disappointed with the headmold pics on the FCS FAQ... it was seeing Over+Dose's pictures of Towa that really made me fall in love with the F-09 head.

      I guess Volks always manages to deliver a nice looking doll in the end! :D
    9. Jeez, Shan. Thanks to your list, I'm quickly quickly being won over by the new MSD FCS. x_X I remember I had thought about MSD FCS early this year, but didn't like any of the heads. Boy, did that change! I already know what I want for Christmas, which is not so good! (It would take me that long to save up.) But the MSD F-06s you have listed on your site just reached out and grabbed me the moment I saw them. Argh.

      Thanks for the list, though~ <3 It certainly is useful, if sitting here and wasting my day staring is considered useful. e.e;
    10. cool, even I have only ever seen a tan F20... but I think I could get to like him... c'mon guys, order sato fcs from me so I can rationalize more dollies :P