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New FCS Molds at Sato Discussion Thread

Mar 6, 2007

    1. [Moving this here because I wasn't thinking and stuck it in the news thread like a dummy. >.O]

      Surprisingly, I really like a acouple of these new face molds. I'm not a huge Volks fan, but lately they've been getting my interest a bit more. The F-33 and F-34 are both quite nice.

      I just wondered though, does anyone else think the F-34 looks just a little bit like School C? I mean... there are some differences (slimmer nose, ect.) but, I don't know... something about her makes me think of a School C big time.

    2. I dunno bout you guys, but I am thrilled at the F-32!! Hooray for more anime styled molds!!! :D
    3. Yay!! :D You said it, sister (or brother)!! :thumbup I'm so happy they made another anime-styled head! :chibi Most of my favorites are styled that way (big eyes, small nose and mouth).

      Lately the trend has been toward more realistic sculpts, and I was afraid that Volks would stop releasing cute, anime-styled molds. :( I'm so glad they haven't given up on me! :kitty2 Volks is awesome! :abow: :aheartbea
    4. I'm imagining having two F-34 sisters... God, that would be SO cute!

      F-32 is awesomely ADORABLE. I squealed with joy when I first saw her. I'm glad they're doing cutesy anime molds still. :D
    5. I'd like to have F-34 twins, one boy and one girl... Now I just need to win the lottery! Anyone willing to give me the winning numbers?
    6. I've said it in the other related threads so I'll say it here too, I like all of the new Full Choice heads.

      The F-32 is so sweet looking. It's not a head type I normally go for, but she's so well done! The F-34 has that Amelia's little sister look to me. It's funny, I almost think she should be a mature looking mini than a young looking 10 or 13 girl. The MSD F-18 is hard for me to see on my moniter, I can see an Ushi resemblance but also Manabu. Ushi is beautiful and I like Manabu sooo...so far so good.

      I've been pulling up the pics of the F-33 and comparing it and back and forth between the F-20, CP Miyu, School C and all the other family members I want this character to work with. I've been waiting for Volks to make my Lina for me but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself based on two pictures. Looks good right now though. 33 XD
    7. I think F34 looks like Liz and School C's lovechild, a very pretty head that I think would make an adorable boy.

      F33 I am VERY interested in. I need more pics to see if it will work for my final big boy. I love that very serious expression combined with the pointy nose.
    8. I think F-34 looks like a younger Liz and F-33 looks like a grown up Yuri ;)
    9. F-32 looks like a baby Chii!!!!

    10. I was actually thinking F-33 was the one who looks alot like School C instead of F-34, but maybe it's just me. Either way, I think I'm in love. ^^ And even though I'm not so big on minis, the new MSD is adorable too.
    11. Not only a little of School C, but School A, F16, F21... I see similarities of a lot of the heads in her! ;)

      Volks really slimmed down a lot of the features of the larger heads for this smaller/slimmer head. I love that they kept the essence of the other heads, but still made her unique. And her face is so versatile; she could have so many different personalities! I really like her! :love
    12. I've already said it, but I think F-33 has a lot of promise, and I'm actually really happy to see a more anime style head in F-32 even if I don't think I'd ever get one, it's still cute and it's good to see they're keeping in variety.

      *edited* Oops, no animals here.
    13. o.o "animal" you mean "anime? :?

      I like F-33 but I'm not sure I like it enough to get one...
    14. Oh, ha, silly me. I'm writing a critical report on Celtic animism, my brain is fried.

      I just think F-33 would be perfect in sunlight for one of my characters, and that's what makes me like him.:aheartbea
    15. F-33 looks like a grown up MSD Rock to me.. maybe after looking at more photos, i might make plans for 'him' :D
    16. i like the new F-33 head, the only problem is he is limited to an area and it'll be harder to order. He looks lovely tho
    17. I thought I had seen all photos for the Osaka Dolpa, but where did the photo of the F-34 come from? I like the face mold, since it looks like a combination of School Heads A and C. If only it werent Sato-only.
    18. I like the F-33 and F-34. I may try to order them through Ria Ria. Their both going to be SD13 boys.:)
    19. I like F-33 and F-34 too. I agree with some others who said F-34 would make a really cute boy. No more for me though! I already got my FCS! Must...stop...