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NEW FCS will be available in Tenshi no Sato Korea + stuff

Sep 29, 2004

    1. As the title says,
      new FCS will be available in Tenshi no Sato Korea
      from October 23rd of 2004!
      However, the Current/Old FCS will be available until 22nd of October
      and you will not be able to order any after then.

      I hope this is a exciting news for some of you.
    2. Janet, do you know how much will it cost for FCS in Korea?
    3. ::wags tail:: are you going to be taking orders? ^_^
    4. MAN!! This is some good news!!! :D
    5. Hi Janet,

      I wondered if I am imagining things, or if you said you were in the NH/VT area? ^_^;

      If you are nearby, it would be nice to meet up! I know there are a few of us around...