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New FeePle "Cali" Full Package release at FairyLand

May 23, 2008

    1. Dear customers,

      We are pleased to announce the release of new female type FeePle, Cali.

      Two versions* of Cali Full Packages are now available,
      Cali Special Full Package (Black Secret-Flower)
      Cali Special Full Package (Black Secret-Plain)

      * Both versions contain identical contents, with only difference in the pattern of the gown (either flower patterned or plain).


      A chocker necklace shown on the official photograph will be given as free gift with purchase of either versions of Cali Special Full Package Black Secret.

      For more photos of Cali, please visit Introducing FeePle gallery.

      Also, we would like to let our customers to know that Miyu and Woosoo heads will be incorporated into MiniFee a la Carte system during next week.

      Thank you for your support in FairyLand.
    2. Are there any plans to offer the outfit for sale?
    3. Is there any chance the boots be available for sale? I see they are not included in the full package. Thanks!
    4. Will Cali be sold as a basic set later on?

      She is very beautiful but I don't see my getting money in time for a limited ^^;
    5. I was really confused... it says its not a limited edition yet the sale will end once they run out of outfits? that just makes me think she's limited... i really want this girl >_< so hopfully she will be released as a basic later on? *really hopeful* ^.^
    6. I think the sale for the full package will end, but that the doll will be available as a normal basic doll after the sale. At least, that's how I read it. The wording on the site is kind of confusing though.
    7. - Cali will be released as a regular basic version in near future.

      - The boots shown with Cali will be updated for sale around next week, probably by Tuesday.

      - Black Secret outfits are not likely to be sold separately because only limited number of outfits are available. But more outfits for FeePle are currently being prepared.