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New FeePle coming soon

Sep 12, 2007

    1. Hi everyone!

      Fairyland is currently working on new FeePle - Riff Special and Limited Edition Ashley. Details have not yet been finalised, so we don't have much information. But you can view the photos of them on Fairyland website.

      -Riff Special-
      Riff Special $680
      Riff Full Package (includes outfits + wig + hat) $720

      - Pricing for Limited Edition Ashley -
      LE Ashley $680
      LE Ashley Full Package (includes outfits + wig + hat) $720

      She is limited edition, just 68 pieces available worldwide.

      Also, Fairyland is introducing [SunnyDay Art] gallery. You can view lovely photos of FeePle in SunnyDay's handmade outfits and props.
      Unfortunately SunnyDay Art FeePle are not for sale at the moment, but Fairyland is trying to have SunnyDay Art FeePle avaliable (as limited edition) to customers some time in the future.


      For more photos, visit


      Click on [SunnyDay Art] or [Introducing FeePle] icons on left hand side to view the images.

      If you have any questions feel free to reply to this thread or email me (engmaster@fairyland.co.kr)


      Fairyland English Rep
    2. Ashley (new FeePle girl) and Riff Special are now on sale! Visit the website for more information :)