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New Feeple Girl - Cali

May 23, 2008

    1. She's really pretty, but I don't know what the difference between the two is, am I the only one who has a hard time?
    2. ...I haven't figured it out either. :sweat
    3. The difference is her dress/robe/whatever...'flower' has flower-patterned lace, and 'plain' just has black see-thru material.

      I really like her nose.
      ...which is an odd thing to say, I suppose, but oh well, I do. XD
    4. She is beautiful. Thought I was done with the large girls, but there is something I just really *love* about her. Oh boy... dont want to fall for her.
    5. I tyhink she looks like a grown up Seorin XD
    6. She looks like a Yder to me :/
    7. Aha! Now that you mention it, I realize I was staring right at them. :sweat:lol:

    8. Funny we all see different Delf faces in her. I could swear she's a female Moon. :lol: I really like her!:aheartbea
    9. I see Lishe. She's my favourite Feeple so far :D
    10. Perfect timing from Fairyland! I've been planning to order a feeble girl body from them and so far been thinking to order Ashley to get few extra heads with the body. But this girl is so pretty and has great outfit and other stuff she comes with that I might be ordering Cali instead. :)
    11. :o Oh no! I -- ... just ordered an Ashley and I really think I like Cali better. :doh I know I definitely prefer her eyes, but I'm not so sold on the nose.

      She's so pretty, though. I'm sort of kicking myself. (Not too badly, though, because that extra head will come in handy. :aheartbea)
    12. Ooooo ooooo!! They better come out with a basic version of her because she's exactly the type of gal I want for my future DS Saint. I love her sultry expression!

      I won't be able to get her for a very long time from now, and I'll have to compare her with Iplehouse E.I.D.'s first, but she may have a place in my bjd family in the future.;)

      Since she's a full package and not a limited edition, does that mean she'll be available later on?
    13. O: She's super pretty. I want an elf version. > w <
    14. oh, i really like her!! :3

      well, not on a feeple body, since that's a bit too tall for my liking, but i think she'd be lovely on a normal delf body!! *___*
    15. I see a bigger MNF Lishe. I swear she's a taller verion of Imbri (minus the smirk). I like her ALOT. Hoping for a basic!
    16. Cali has now been released as a regular doll. :) I'm going to get the full package anyway, I like the outfit and the wig too much. Just waiting her boots to come up for sale too.
    17. I am SO excited by this (the Cali basic version). I'm going to plan on her for next year, as I've already got plans for two more dolls this year. But I love her and I really need to have her! OK, OK, so I see her a bigger version of my Imbri (MNF Lishe), but doll love knows no logic!
    18. Well, I ended up ordering a Cali. I was tossing up between her and the new luts Super Senior Delf guys on special, but decided I'd rather have Cali.
    19. She is a really gorgeous girl!! I really like her. Strangely enough, I don't see any other delf faces in her, she looks unique to me. She is also the impersonation of my D&D character, Acordia. So I could not resist and I have ordered her.

      Acordia is a human swashbuckler, that comes from a noble family, that has lost it's power and wealth due to a series of unfortunate events, caused by it's enemies. After her parent died, she grew up on the streets. So she is street smart and foxy, has been taught netiquette and good manners by her family, but her street education is the one that really shows on her face.

      I needed a girl with foxy look, a little bit seductive, a hint of melancholy and something intimidating about her. (the most intimidating thing about her is her height I think)

      I am hunting for a pair of sexy red boots and a red "three musketeers" style hat. I have found the boots, but not the hat. I will be sewing the rest:)

      I know I am talking too much, but I am really excited about this girl. I really like her mold, although it has that delf quality, it still does not remind me of any delf in particular and this is really good, because while I like most delfs, I always find something wrong with them, that prevents me from buying any of them.

      I really hope that when these girls arrive, that we post as many pictures of them as possible:) You barely see any feeple girls in this forum and it's a shame. Their possabily alone, is something worth photographing.