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New female doll from RINGDOLL

Dec 16, 2009

    1. Is she 1/3 scale?
    2. hi everyone
      Rebecca is KID girl more information found website :www.ringdoll.com

    3. Is the outfit available separatly?
    4. Dear PeppermintPocky she is 1/4 girl , :fangirl:
    5. I don't see her boots for sale?
    6. I would like to see the model nude, to see her joint system. :D She's so pretty.
    7. Can this outfit fit MSD or SDC well?
    8. gooddoris
      this outfit fit MSD i planing purchase this outfit too
    9. I'm gone buy one Rebecca but it is not precise which size of eye and wig she needs. ?o?
    10. Ring Kids take 12mm-14mm eyes.
      Their head size are quite small, at 6.5 inches around.

      I'm checking on Rebecca's boots being available separately. They should have been available by now. Please wait. :)
    11. Thank you Nightmoon and what about the resin, is it french resin? =
    12. It's Canadian Resin.

      Ringdoll Resin: Canadian non-solvent-based resin with environment protection. It's stronger than ordinary resin, thus cannot be easily broken. Through ultraviolet radiation tests, this resin has anti-UV properties and anti-yellowing. It will distribute a certain fragrance and has a certain degree of transparency. It feels like real, smooth skin.
    13. I'm not sure if Rebecca, being a girl, will be different from the boys. But I have a ringkid dylan and I can tell you 14mm eyes do not fit. There is a hollowed out slot that the eye fits into and 14mm is too big, they don't fit into the slot. 12mm may fit, I don't have a 12mm pair so I don't know. But 14mm isn't even close.
    14. Thanks for posting this~.

      I've informed Ringdoll of the 14mm eye problem already with some of their Mini's.

      I'm hoping Rebecca can fit them.
    15. Good news! Rebecca's head will be able to fit 14mm.

      Ringdoll's head doll designer, HuangShan, emailed me to say that it's only Dylan's head that's a little small in the eye wells. He does apologies for that, and he'll look into opening them up a bit for the future.

      I posted the reply in full in the Ringdoll Mini Discussion Thread.


      Also, Rebecca's boots are available in Red (Rs45-8) and Pink (Rs45-9). I'm falling behind in my product data entry in my store, :sweat So just let me know what you want in a PM or email if you want to order them. (They should be up tonight, however (Jan/29/10)).