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New girl at Mythdoll - Wujee

Apr 21, 2006

    1. is she 60cm?
    2. It didn't say exactly (at least I didn't see it written anywhere but I could be blind) but since she's listed in the 1/3 doll section, I'm presuming she's 58-60cm.

      I love the posing on these dolls. So nicely balanced. Although, I have to say that picture of her doing a split looks painful... ;o)

    3. I wish someone would post her pics here (especially a closeup), as I can't ever seem to view Mythdoll's site's photos!!!! Argh! (kicks MacIntosh computer)
    4. um - after reading the little story that was put up there, does any one know if she's standard or limited to 100? or is it after he sells 100 the price will go up? i really love her....

      and ravendolls - i'm on a mac and i don't have a problem, but the pictures are pop-ups... do you have a pop-up blocker? ((sorry, that probably isn't all that helpful, is it? :sweat ))
    5. That's what it sounds like to me. I have the pop ups blocked on the windoze box and obviously when you click, nothing happens :)

      They come up fine on my Macs in several browsers.
    6. Here you go! When I looked at the site it said she was 60cm
    7. I read that she'll come in little Leroy's box, and that she's unassembled. Does that mean she needs to be strung?
    8. That's what I understood from the sad story he posted. He is trying to raise fast funds for his father's medical bills. Still, what a great price