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NEW GIRL "Heye" pre-order

Dec 24, 2010

    1. Marry Christmas !!​

      The girth : 22cm / 9inch
      Skin color : normal/white
      The suitable eyes : 12~14mm
      The distinction of sex : Possible to be a boy or girl depend on painting
      The state : no parting line, blank(the painted OR-doll pictures are samples.)
      Suitable bodys : Volks - SD girl, SDboy

      Sales Price:$110
      Manufacture:NYX doll

      * This is pre-order doll so that it is impossible to cancel or change order after confirm payment.

      Can be shipped within 40-45 business days.

    2. "The distinction of sex : Possible to be a boy or girl depend on painting" - Can you choose what type of makeup you want?
    3. I just checked the site and there seems to be an option to choose makeup for this head, if you pick 'yes' it adds $45 to the total.
    4. Are you planning to do a open eye version also with the elf ears? if so do you have any idea when?
    5. How long is the ordering period?
    6. Wiill this head ever come with a body?
    7. I didn't find any resin matches comparisons from the website. With what companies does the Normal skin resin work best with? And how about white resin?
    8. Or-doll says on their Website that the heads are meant to match Volks for normal and for white.
      I'm quoting a reply on their Q&A to a question about white skin from 12/6/2010:
      I've opened a chat thread for anyone interested in chatting and sharing details about Or-doll and this girl.
      HeYe & Or-doll Discussion Thread

      Hope to meet some of you there!
    9. Just have head.