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New Girl shoes on Luts site...

Feb 11, 2005

    1. Damn they are cute! They are little Lolita heels in black, red, or pink! I don't really have any outfits they would go with, but boy do I kind of want a pair. Hope this hasn't been posted already, but I sure haven't noticed it.
    2. Cute.

      There's also a new 'leather' goth/rock outfit for boys...no price, listed as sold out, though... (of course!). :roll:

      [must...try...and...not...buy/want... every...thing... i... see......aaaaagggh]
    3. They look so cute!
    4. I think they just haven't put the price there yet...those boy's underwear were brand new but "sold out" for a few days (I check the site several times a day), now the prices are there & they seem to be available - I think that's the case with the black & red outfit too. If there's a price listed & it states "Sold Out" it is...but if there's a $0.00 there & a sold out I think it's more like "coming soon" ...that's what I've found anyway (thank God I got a pair of those white MJ's before they were marked!! I've been wanting a pair bad!, hehe).