Preorder New Glass eyes W-series pre-order open

Oct 24, 2016

    1. Hello, everyone,

      We are Happy to introduce our new glass eyes W series.

      Pre-order for W series glass eyes is open now:

      Pre-order time: 24th Oct ~ 31st Oct 2016

      Pre-order special offer price US$12 ; After pre-order time, will be back to US$15.90 .
      4 pairs with free shipment of registered airmail.

      Availalbe PRE-ORDER size: 6MM; 8MM;10MM;12MM;14MM;16MM;18MM;20MM .


      For more details, welcome to visit our site:

      Thank you.

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    2. Will these be listed on your ebay store? Thank you.
    3. Thank you. For pre-order we will not list on ebay.
    4. Is it possible to get other eyes in a size that is not listed?
    5. Other eyes are listed only instock size. If you need the eyes sizes not listed, please email us by [email protected] for pre-order.

      Thank you :lol:
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