New Doll New Gorgeous Feeple 60 LucyWen [FairyLand @ Dolk]

Dec 4, 2019

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    1. The Full Package has random acrylic eyes you can upgrade to what I assume are the eyes on the pics. However, the Designers Complete has premium eyes (the eyes on the pics?)... but you can upgrade them too. There are three kinds of eyes but no indication of what they are.
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    2. Where are you looking to find this?
    3. I made a comparison between the two different FeePle60 Lucywen (Magnolia Fox), looking at the descriptions/options.

      Full Package
      Designers Complete
      But both have the same option "eye upgrade". Which means there are three options.
    4. I think it's just an error, and they did not mean to offer the option on the designers complete. The eye upgrade for the full package says that the upgrade is to premium eyes shown in the promo pics, and it costs an additional $20. The designers complete comes with the premium eyes shown in the photos, and the "upgrade" doesn't cost extra.