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New Gun Hands for Kid Delf at Luts!

Dec 21, 2005

    1. Listed under option parts Luts now has gun hands (with guns!) for Kid Delf! So cute! And so dangerous!:-D
      Maybe they'll make big ones too?
    2. eeee thats like te best thing ever and has made my day
      i'm so getting a pair once i get a kid delf
      hope they make large hands (boy and girl) gun hands too
    3. and they have furniture... black. leather. comfy. only 100$ *gulp* >_< trouble!!
    4. I want a gun for my DoD U...I wonder if it'll fit in his hand?
    5. For a second I got really excited, envisioning Thistle wearing a Dale Evans dress & playing, er, "cowpersons & native Americans." Sadly, the gun is far too modern (& doesn't look like a cap-gun at ALL).

      The gun seems to be removeable, though, so maybe CP will evenutally come up with other gun styles. Revolvers ... futuristic space alien ray guns ... no? *sigh* I can dream. My girl's not gonna be a gangsta, though.
    6. Not only that, but they've made Rock, Paper, Scissors hands for kid delf too~
    7. OMG I was just thinking how cool it will be to get guns that are attached to hands.... damn... luts beat me to it... and its removeable!!! XD
    8. What every kid needs--these are really cool!
    9. eeeks what would a kid delf need with guns? @_@ Fufufufu.
      Yes, the furniture is indeed awesome! :D
    10. Awesome! o__o *WANTS*
    11. I wonder if they'll ever make these for Delfs. And Kid Delf sized first? o_O Luts knows something we dont. >_>;;
    12. OMG! I have to get some! XD Not that V is sane enough to let loose with guns... but he isa vincent valentine clone.. XD
    13. XD ohhhh yeah! I'm so glad I haven't placed my order yet! I needs me those.
    14. XD!! How cute~ I hope they start making awesome stuff like this for the Delf Boys, too.
    15. HAHAHA Cuuuuuuuuute! :D I want em!
    16. Ah! I must have some! I'm not sure how good a match they'd be with my SDC... but I'm not sure I care, I just have to have them XD
    17. Those are SO. COOL. XD *wants*
    18. So getting some. At LEAST 2 pairs.
    19. If my boyfriend were as scared of my mini as he is of my delf I would so get a pair of those just to freak him out. Evil? Yes. Fun? Definitely.