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NEW -"HALF ELF" 57cm Limhwa Girl Debut new pics!

Jul 17, 2006

    1. Here are brand new LIMHWA HALF ELF photos.
      She's a 57cm brand new sculpt, with an elft head. Limhwa says one of her parents is human, and one is an elf. She is a magical, enchanting creature.



      The new Limhwa 57cm girl has been casted for the first time, and here are her debut photos:



      There is an elf head, and a regular head.


      This is "Jeany," a large exhibition quality art doll made by Limhwa.
      The new Limhwa 60 girl's body will be based on this incredible doll named Jeany.
      The new Limhwa 60 girl will have a two-part torso. The test photo you see of her above is just before her torso was segmented. It is very common for artists to make an exhibition quality art doll first, then make a doll for sale based on the exhibition doll.

      Limwha 60 will be complete sometime in August. She will be sending a special new Limhwa 60 she has dressed herself to the show for exhibit, including a specially painted asian-looking 43cm ForYou and Limho. Her ToYou dolls also will be in a special exhibit she is creating.

      A note about Heartbreak Boy: he is an art doll, and is not able to be reproduced. To make a Heartbreak Boy that can be casted would take 6 months. She has not decided yet if she will make him, but Catrina has encouraged her.

      we will keep you posted on the Limhwa60 availability. She has made an elf head for her, and she will also be offering her other girl head with this doll. This was just confirmed. The doll has been separated at the torso, and she plans to have the first mold and duplication done next month.

    2. The Half Elf photos have been released.

      Limhwa is busy styling this new doll, and we will share photos as they come.
      At this time we have no details about upcoming sales or any measurements.
      But we thought you would enjoy sharing in the process of the making of a brand new BJD. We anticipate bringing one of the Half Elf Limhwa dolls to Austin, Texas.
      Thanks for your interest and we will give you more info as it arrives.
    3. Omg i wan't an half-elf 57 cm girl !!!!