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Update New hands for LittleFee at FairyLand

Apr 15, 2010

    1. Dear Customers,

      We are happy to announce the release of 3 new pairs of LittleFee hands parts, due to be updated within next few hours. These pairs of hands were inspired by one of our FairyLand customer, and we would like to tell you a little story behind these creations.

      On March 12th, 2010, we have received a very special letter from Nyusha and her owner llsonya (aka Reinia), titled 'Open Letter for FairyLand'. The letter was passed to our team immediately like many other suggestions we have received from our customers. However, when reading upon the letter, there was no doubt that this was one of the sweetest we have ever received and met with enthusiastic support from all FairyLand staffs.

      It was decided on the next day the hands should be made and our team embarked on this new project straightaway. Although it was not possible to create all the hand designs in the letter, our creative team tried the best to recreate as many as possible. To credit and thank Reinia and Nyusha for the inspiration, we have sent the new hand parts before the official release and would like to thank her deeply once again for giving our creators joy of creating something that will be appreciated.

      As many of our customers are well aware of already, at FairyLand, we treat all the valuable suggestions and opinions from our customers with care and try to incorporate as many as possible ideas. We have been trying our best to not to disappoint loyal customers and believe in good customer service and honesty will keep our customers coming back to us. And today, we announce the release of 3 new pairs of LittleFee hands parts with great pride. Thank you for all the love and the support.

      Have a nice day!

      LittleFee Hands #5

      LittleFee Hands #6

      LittleFee Hands #7
    2. are the hands 7 made to be worn by two little fee or are they meant to be worn by one only?
    3. It looks like they're meant to be used by two LittleFees. :)
      If you click on the 'Open Letter for FairyLand' link in the post above, you can see the letter FairyLand received from Reinia.