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New Happydoll girl Lucy - oriental BEAUTY

Feb 25, 2005

    1. Omg. She is one of the select few who actually look genuinely ASIAN! XD

      Thanks for going to all that trouble for us giggle-dono ^^

    2. Beautiful! I think she's already my fave from Happydolls, I really really like her.
    3. I did the same thing and got the same message! :grin: They must be getting quite a few enquiries! I wonder if we can order directly from their site... I will want Lucy, definitely. I love her face.
    4. >_< She will be released oficially very soon!! I feel nervous hahaha! I really like her facemold!

      I hope to have the shop open for next week. We´re updating the European Shop to the HD English site, so we´re changing all the currency system. This is why we have it closed. I hope to have it open for next week ^^.

      I will put any new about the Lucy doll when I get it !!

      Best regards ^^