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New Happydoll Junior Dolls

Nov 26, 2005

    1. Didn't see it posted yet, so thought I'd go ahead. :) Two new junior (MSD size?) girls, Aika and Yuki. There were limited versions with outfits too, but looks like they're already sold out.

    2. They are cute ^^
      I really like the acessorys they have O.o
    3. I don't think the limiteds are sold out (although the big "SOLD OUT" would logically lead to that conclusion *grin*) . . . in the small text below, it says that they go on sale on December 1, so it looks like they haven't been offered up for sale yet :)

      I really like Aida!!

      -- Andi <3
    4. I like Yuki, she looks really elegant. 55cm is pretty big for a 'junior', though.
    5. Ooooh they are fabulous!! *so many dolls, so little $$$*
    6. I really love their body sculpt. The heads don't do a whole lot for me, they're pretty but they don't jump out and scream "BUY ME!" but the body... it's so pretty!
    7. I hope they make a boy--I have a character whose supposed to be short and I've been wracking my brains to come up with a body for him. The MSD sized dolls are too small, and the 60cm dolls are to big. Yet if these girls are 55 cm, a body around their size would work very well.
    8. ^_^ I will update my shop with them this week! I really love when they take out new dolls.
      I didn't know they would be so big ^^!

      EDIT: Just added! The limited doll will be on sale for 10 days, from 1th to 10th of december. There will be only 20 of each one worldwide.

      I hope this helps ^^.

      I like Juki's outfit but Aida doll @_@!!!
    9. Aida is so sweet! she'd be so cute with a lucy

      I think it's clever how they are bridging the gap between minis and 60cms, very useful for a lot of people's characters i think (if they brought out boys they would make good uke for doll yaoi...hehe)