New Haute Doll (October 2005) with ABJD articles!

Aug 1, 2005

    1. Hi Everyone, it's that time again!

      The new Haute Doll (October 2005) is out and it has lots of new great articles!

      The special offer this time is for Anu's special Hound (Le Jeune Homme Eclaire) and also has adds from DollHeart, and Volks.

      Special articles you might be interested in include:

      An interview with famous SD repaint artist, Satoko Ohno

      My article on Volks' company based on my trip to Japan, focusing on FCS and Tenshi No Sato. Contains some exclusive photos of Volks stores, the Volks painting class room in Tenshi No Sato, Volks Beauty Salon at Tenshi No Sato, and information on how it is to order your own FCS in person. (including photos from myself, Volks, Connie and Janne)

      Becky (Blastmilk)'s Super Dollfie 13 corset tutorial (with gorgeous photos of her dolls!)

      Sherri Rhein's "how to paint lucious lips" for SD, etc as well as her article showing how a faceup can really change how a doll looks.

      How to create loose curls in doll hair (usable for 1/6 AND SD, etc... anything with that basic type of doll hair).

      Rudi (R&D's) new asian styled 1/6 dollfie, Annz (I saw her at IFDC and she is ADORABLE! Those of you who are Momoko fans, will like Annz probably)

      Momoko (1/6 asian styled dollfie) article by Rudi

      also, additional fashion doll articles like Tonni, RuPaul, Barbie, Brenda Starr, Tyler and several patterns and repaint how-to articles.

      If you're interested in getting a copy, you can find it in most major bookstores that have a good magazine selection, like Barnes and Nobles, etc.

      OR, if you'd like to order direct, you can get a subscription, or a single issue here:
      They haven't updated the website with the new October issue, but I'm sure that in the order form, you'd be able to specify that you want the new October Issue, not the last July/August one.
      I highly recommend subscribing to Haute Doll if you like ABJDs, as we'll be continuing to cover them... if you subscribe, be sure to mention that you're subscribing for the ABJD/SD content, and hopefully we'll get even more articles about that in the future! :) This is a great way for us to see more ABJD stuff in print. The better the magazine does, and the more people request for ABJD articles that would interest them, the more we will see!
    2. Oh gosh, that doll on the first page is really a Realistic looking doll ! *_* :wink: Drool want ! :roll:
    3. Any idea when the October 2005 issue will be mailed? (Wow *_* , October already?)
    4. Le Jeune Homme Eclaire wasn't already sold out? 0.o
    5. If you are interested in him, you may want to email them directly and ask. Due to the delay, some people may have backed out, and I'm not sure if he was sold out in the first place.

      I'm still patiently :| sitting on the preorder list, waiting for the official order form.

      Looking forward to getting the October edition in the mail!

    6. I just got my copy this weekend in the mail but i haven't had time to check it out yet because i was camping and then i had to go to a wedding last night. but ill look at it tonight :D
    7. Man, I am totally going to go get this - the last one was so great! :D
    8. Warg! Why does Colorado suck so much? :x I can't find it anywhere! >.< We get everything last. :( When I get my hands on it, I'm subscribing. :chibi
    9. I ordered my copy from the website ^_^ It sounds like all the articles are going to be amazing, and the 'tips for fcs' one really won me over I must admit. I'm going to get a little MSD F-09 boy in LA next year :D
    10. how weird, I just got the August issue in my mailbox today. I had the best time looking through it, and that Sybarite doll on the cover looks just like Patricia Arquette. Guess Sybarites would go in the mini forum?

      I got to say that the people who do this magazine have been doing doll magazines for quite awhile now, and it's great to see such a good mix of different dolls and articles! It's fun to see the Century Models get their own article. And the photos of Aimee's Violet, and Mia's of the Custom House dolls,!

      The limited Hound has been sold out for some time now per Anu's website. There were only 30 of them. If someone has contacted Karen Caviale recently about him and could post here, that would be helpful. I would suspect there was a very long waiting list for any Hounds that didn't get sold.
    11. He is sold out, and there is a long waiting list.

      I received *the* email from Haute Doll today, confirming my preorder and including the official order form to convey my address, credit card number, etc. The email asked that if I had changed my mind to let them know, as there was a lengthy waiting list.

      Sent the order form in right away. They expect the dolls in their office next week, so with any luck, I'll have him within a couple of weeks or so.

    12. We got the first 5 Haute Doll Hounds in today and let me tell you, the pictures do not do him justice.This is the most beautiful boy that I have seen in a long time. Anu has done a perfect job on him from the esthetics to face paint to wig and costume. He is truly awesome... In addition to the gorgeous costume, special face paint and wig, Anu has included the Tensiya leather pants and white lace top--so you all get two outfits with this set! We expect an additional 5 dolls tomorrow; an additional 11 dolls next week and the balance in 4 to 6 weeks.

      There are 30 dolls in all. We have a few dolls left. If you are interested, call or email the office as soon as possible. I will try to post actual photos tomorrow. I can honestly say this boy is GORGEOUS. You may call 262-658-1004 or email

      Special thanks to: Aimee Steinberger for her awesome story; Becky Prince Head for her unbelieveable corset photos and pattern; Sherri Rhein for her Esthetics course on lip repainting and FCS head/artist mold article and all of the contributors who make Haute Doll a great read!!!!

    13. ooo i can't wait to see owner pictures of him. i hope someone on DOA got him. he just so gorgeous.
    14. Wow, we get the extra outfit too! :D :drool Way cool!

      I'm surprised there are any left-the email I got said there was a waiting list. Hopefully, someone here who really wants him will be able to snap him up.

      I can't wait to get mine!

    15. I just tried to buy the Sept/Oct issue of HauteDoll and NO one in my town carries it. When I went into the website it says it's sold out. Can anyone out there help me? I can use about any form of payment and I have a good ebay rating. I know I don't post but I am trying to get back to reading everyone's posts. I've been missing in action for a while. I still love my dolls so very much. I can't believe I waited too long. Thanks everyone! Love, Cat :o :cry:
    16. This issue is not sold out yet. Go to the website ( and click on the Haute Doll issue (with American Character Toni on the cover) to the right of Barbie Bazaar. Next, click on subscribe today and go to September/October 2005 issue--the Sept/Oct 2004 issue is sold out, but NOT the Sept/Oct 05 issue. It is $6.95 for a single issue and you can pay with a credit card. It is a secure site. I just tried it and it is fine. If you have problems, call tomorrow, 8 a.m - 4 p.m. CST to order, 1-262-658-1004. Hope this helps.
      Karenc :cow
    17. I have to say that I subscribed through the website and it worked, cuz I got my magazine in the mail the other day.

      And I have to say thank you to Karen! I was a long time subscriber to Barbie Bazaar, and you have another wonderful magazine with Haute Doll! I love the mix of dolls, old and new, and even more how you are helping out the small companies. I had asked Doll Heart about something, and they were happy to know their suit sold out!

      It's fun to have a user friendly magazine to refer to!
    18. Thank you SO much. I found it! I just ordered a copy. I don't know how I missed that the first time. I guess there's still some dust to brush off! I appreciate the help, Cat
    19. I still haven't received my October issue. Hope it hasn't been lost in the black hole that is the USPS. :x I received my prior issues very quickly, so I'm surprised I haven't received the latest issue yet.

    20. :(

      I haven't gotten mine either. I've been checking the mail everyday too!!!!