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New head by Pixydoll ~

Apr 2, 2008

    1. Hi I hope this hasn't been mentioned yet ^^


      Ordering period March 31 - April 6

      gallery here
    2. Is this head SD size? What is the price and where do you order? Also what is the head and eye size? Thanks for any infio you can give. bjbnut.
    3. Will she be selling the Sevy again?
    4. I emailed her about Sevy, and she said no, unfortunately. ;_;
    5. Yuna has opened ordering for Mano again from April 23-30th. :) Available in normal or white. Price is listed as $148 US dollars including EMS for one head, but we were asked to pay $149 due to fluctuations in the exchange rate. There isn't a limit on how many heads one person can order, but the price of shipping will increase based on number and destination, of course.

      She has also posted new pictures of Mano styled as a boy this time.
      SO CUTE!
    6. It's a bit difficult for me to understand the ordering instructions.
      Does the $148 include shipping, or does it mean shipping is to be calculated?

      So you would place an order, Pixydoll will post up a receipt, then you pay that amount via bank transfer, right?
    7. If you're just ordering one the $149 includes shipping. Post your order in the order section and she'll reply with your total, once you've sent payment via bank transfer post a copy of your receipt on the Q&A board.

      I just got my head today and she's beautiful! Nice resin, good color, very even casting, no flaws, eyewells aren't rough at all. :D
    8. so is the mano head sd or msd sized? D:
      i'm dead if it's msd.
    9. Mano is SD sized. :)
    10. I "think" she's releasing Sevy again (20 only worldwide?) Is that what she means on her board? Could somebody clarify? Also, the new head seems to be "Dino" Sounds cute ;)
    11. Yep, she's doing a limited release of Sevy! :D
      And check out the new photo in the gallery section of a BOY BODY!
    12. Would you happen to know how we order from them?
    13. Go to the order bulletin board. You don't need to sign up, just click on write, create a user name and password for yourself, fill in the other fields and paste the following into the comment field:

      Name :
      Skin/Volume :
      Remitter :
      Address :
      Zip Code :
      Phone :
      E-mail :
      Memo :

      Yuna didn't accept Paypal for the previous orders and we had to send a wire transfer. I don't know if she'll change that for this order. (She also said previously that she wouldn't re-release Sevy, but it's clear that all of the requests had an impact.) Once payment is sent, post a copy of the transfer receipt on the Q&A board.

      It was extremely difficult to communicate anything complex to Yuna as she does not speak any English. We relied on an online translation program to discuss payment issues. I just tweaked what I needed to say by translating it back and forth a few times to refine my word choices, and then posted in English and the Japanese translation. That seemed to work well because between her own translation and mine something in there made enough sense. :sweat