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New head from K-Doll - Kasis

Jul 18, 2009

    1. K-Doll is releasing a new head on August 1st.

      Introducing K-doll's 10th head [kasis].
      [Kasis] is a customized head (eyes & lips) of [kael].
      Eye size is 14mm ~ 16mm, and low dome is most compatible.

      *Kasis's price is $120.
      * Available colours are White, Normal, and Luts White. (Colour details haved changed. For more details, please read [Head colors and compatibility] notice)
      * Ordering period is between August 1st ~ 10th, and you must make a payment period between August 1st ~ 15th.

      Karen will also be available to buy during this order period.

      More details and pictures: http://k-doll.com