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New head: Re-Che by artist Kyante

Oct 10, 2005

    1. Very sorry if this was posted already. I have just found a new head Re-Che made by a Korean artist Kyante. Very beautiful!


      It comes from this website: http://kyante.cafe24.com/re_che.htm
      You can see more pictures of the mold, comparison between other heads, and body fit here: http://kyante81.cafe24.com/bbs/zboard.php?id=order

      I can't really read any more information on it, not sure if it's currently available or not. It seems that overseas shipping is possible.
      (The artist seems to be able to read English, but does not write very well. ?)
      This is all I can find, if anyone can help with more information, please do!
    2. After babelfishing it all - ive found out that they do not supply makeup - to anyone.
      The part about internationallorder is very confusing and i will have to wait for a reply on that. Im not entirely sure if we can - at the moment - its not looking likely : ( as apparently the preorder date ends in 2 days
    3. I'm not sure this is a right place to write. :oops:

      For who wants to order Re-che head by Kyante!
      Kyante said she can't take an international order.
      Re-che head is term-limited, so you can't get if you miss this order.

      Re-che head : 120000 won
      Local shipping : not determined
      EMS : 17000 won(to USA, Canada, Europe), 14000 won(to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore etc)
      Commission : 6000 won
      The total price will be around $150 thru paypal
      (The final price will be determined on 13.)

      Please note that I'll take the order for who emailed during Oct. 11.
      The payment is due on Oct. 17 in Korea, so you have to pay on Oct. 13.

      Anyway, I'll order together with mine! He's what I'm looking for.
    4. No. it's SD-sized head.
      Re-che head is good for SD10 body, but can be put on SD13 girl/boy body and Luts boy body.
      The photos about that are in Kyante's homepage.
    5. Has anyone heard back from visavis about ordering this head? I e-mailed AND PMed her, and don't want to be impatient, but. . . . I'm dyin' here. ^_^;; Absolute love.
    6. On her web page she has a list of the orders.

      I also PM'ed but havent heard back as yet - I just presumed it was our time difference. Looks like she already has a few orders.
      I also tried to sign up to leave messages.. but I got a pop up after I filled in all the details - but the popup was in Korean or something that I couldnt read.
    7. I would email as well as pm.

      She did reply to my two pm's and added me to her list online http://visavis.us/
      I think you will be ok. She is active now so manybe you will get a reply soon!
      I pm'd and emailed my order. I did not fill in the online form.
    8. i got a reply from her yesterday - she will be ordering one for herself so dont worry guys!!

      She doesnt know the exact price yet - so maybe we shud wait until the 13th when we have to pay :)

      I left a message on her board and she replied but it looks like i messed up typing my password! and now i cant read herreply ... *such a doof*

      Looks like theres about 5 of us who want one!
    9. I hope that Kyante accepted our order.. Her messageboard seems to be completely filled with orders. Sienna said that the head is term-limited not number limited, so we should be ok I guess? *nervous*

      Edit: oh I see that Sienna marked the name list as payment Transfered, we're ok then I hope
    10. According to the notice of the order board, Kyante's going to ship twice a week, 10~30 heads at a time, in the order of the payment.
      I don't know how fast you guys sent payments.. but it takes total 1~2 months for shipping, I think.
      Because I expect that the total number of heads might be at least 200. (include orders by Korean.)
    11. Soo I looked on the site and it says:

      Happy news? :o
    12. * About Re_che head,
      I'll meet Kyante this weekend to check the heads.
      So, I'll be able to ship next week.
      Pls wait.

      :O Cannot wait.
    13. I really don't know. We were told it was limited to what? 1000? I forget, but yeahhh I'm sure there will be some people sellnig their head. There is a girl and a boy on Y!J right now, but I don't know if they finished or not.

    14. Kyante said she didn't limit total number of heads, but sold only during the order period..
      And she said "This is the first and the last order period of Re-che head" on the notice bbs.
      I think she won't sell same head again.

      But I'm sure there'll be some heads on the market of DOA or YJ.
    15. I've not received all the heads yet.
      Please click here for who ordered Re_che thru me.

      Also now I can't help to order Re_che more, pls don't ask me.
      As you knew, Re_che head was term-limited and the order was closed already.
      But I heard there could be a sleeping Re_che in future.
    16. On this page Kyante shows how different eye sizes look in painted and unpainted heads, maybe her imgs could help?
    17. I got a tracking number for idrisfynn's white Re-Che! He should arrive in 3-5 days!! :D

      Oh, and as far as the actual number of Re-Che heads produced, there were about 200 ordered before the cut-off date and they were planning to cast about 10 per week.
    18. He's here!
      A huge Thank you! to Sienna for your help and time in making this possible! <3

      I'm not sure if people are interested in seeing more pictures of an unpainted head, but I thought I'd post anyway ^^;;;

      Pretty packaging ^^

      The head. The resin feels heavy and "solid", about the same as my Tae head.
      The eyewells are thin but I think that like my F28 head it would look ok once you put the eyes in.
      (I'm a big fan of this and it's one of the reasons why I like F28 over F16, I think having less "skin" next to the eye makes it more realistic imho)

      There is a lot detail over all, the ears are very nice, the sides of the face are nicely formed,
      the nose is thinner and longer than I imagined. When the head is put on sd10 girl body it has
      slight gaps on the sides but has full range of motion and no problems with the s-hook.

      The head has teeth sculpted in, which is a bit of surprise. It's not just open mouth,
      it's actual "teeth" standing out a bit. I tried to capture this but my camera just doesn't want to pick it up.

      Head next to my Tae body (Volks pureskin normal sd10 girl) the head is a bit darker and pinker. Not by too much to be glaringly obvious though.

      Head next to my Luts woosoo boy body. The head is just a touch lighter.

      I think the head would work with both Volks and Luts bodies, in both instances the difference is very slight.
      (However I'm told that my Luts body is lighter than usual, so um, please take this as just my experience ^^;;; )

      That's it! If anyone needs anymore pictures I'd be happy to take more.
      I have normal skin Luts boy body, Volks sd10 girl, Volks sd13 boy, and a CH doll (little jr).

      More edits: About wigs, the head is around 8 3/4 inches which is the size of an anais/tae head, smaller than luts woosoo, and almost an inch smaller than f28. I have a Leekee wig and it fits ok, but not tight. Some Volks wigs are loose and might need velcro (w27 is loose, w55 is a kinda big and swallows the head)
    19. Actually.... this is from her site...

      32 - Delayed more.

      Sorry for who waits to ship Re_che.
      I think the rest will be shipped next week.

      So I guess we'll see.

    20. Got my head, and surprise, surprise it fits a luts girl body neck well. Just looks kind of silly with those huge boobs. but I only have luts girl bodies at the moment.