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New head UM.PYO from Ninodoll

Jul 1, 2007

    1. [​IMG]

      Ninodoll's SD size new head, UM.PYO(음표)

      Eye size : 16~18mm
      Head size : 8.6 inch

      Here is the link

      ps. The 'UM' pronunciation is similar to the soccer player name, Patrick 'Mm'boma.. ^^;;; different from 'um'brella.
      The UmPyo in Korean means a musical note.
    2. I'll take the UM.PYO orders during 2nd ~ 14th July including Sukryu, Mogwa and Bada.

      Please visit here to order.
    3. Oooh, he is cute :aheartbea

      Is he limited? And how much will he be?
    4. Not a limited, but the order will be closed for months after Sold out.
      And the price will be around $150 including shipping, but I need to check the currency first.
      I'll make a page for the order and link here today.
    5. Does that mean you're taking orders for the Bada heads too?
    6. Yes^^ I'll also take the Bada orders.
    7. I don't understand the site o.O, Is there an english one?
    8. Are you doing Momo too?:sweat Just wondering...:aheartbea
    9. I like to know if we can order Momo too. If not, how about Woo.U?

      PepperLooney: Ninodoll doesn't have an english website.
    10. Not sure about Momo, because it's sold out now.
      But Woo.U head is available to order if you want.
    11. What skincolour is he available in? My friend is interested in knowing.
    12. ONLY normal skin. Please click the link above. ^^
    13. Hi, Bada head is lovely! i want it, but now it´s a little difficult... it will be contiued in next preorders?
    14. Hi,
      Can you tell me if the heads will fit on CH SD13 bodies...colour matching is'nt my first concern just the neck hole sizing and also can i order a face-up at the time of ordering a head?
      Thank You.
    15. I replied by email.
      Sorry! Ninodoll and I don't have any CH bodies.
    16. Not sure anything about the next order. Sorry!
    17. I've just sent out all the shipping emails of the recent Ninodoll orders including Um.Pyo.
      If you didn't receive, please PM me.
    18. Hi! I was wondering whether there might be another Ninodoll order period soon?