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Update New headphone for YOSD & DIY event & New LE outfits [post #9]

Dec 8, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Soundplay has officially announced to discontinue the Gentle Headphone both SD and MSD size due to material cost. The last sale of this headphone model will begin on Dec. 8 in the Pre-Order section at http://www.dollwhy.com

      Last batch of Gentle Headphone is in limited quantity and is already in stock. (Ready to ship immediately).

      Soundplay is now working on new headphone models. Please stay tune of their update.


      New size and colors of handmade Mohair wigs have arrived.

    2. DollWhy in DFR Market New Year Party

      DollWhy will attend DFR Market New Year Party on Christmas day.
      Date: 25/12/2010
      Time: 10.00-17.00
      Place: The Tawana Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


      New Arrivals

      More colors for mohair wigs have arrived.


      Leather Goggles in pilot style for SD has returned!

    3. New SOUNDPLAY headphone item released

      We've added new TOOL and EYES section in our website. More products will be added soon. :)


      Acrylic eyes
    4. Happy Valentine's Day Promotion and new items from DollWhy

      1. V-Day couple headphones

      To celebrate Valentine's Day, we offer a couple headphones of your choice! You can custom headphone A and headphone B from our list. Couple headphones are attached to iPod. Available in SD and MSD size. Check our available designs at DollWhy.

      * Pre-order period from February 14-28th. Headphones can be delivered w/n March 15th.

      * This event is for couples. Not available for single. lol

      * iPod cord is inseperable.


      2. Fur wig promotion

      Fur wig with cat ears are BACK. This time in new colors. Available in SD, MSD, YOSD, LATI YELLOW size.

      Special promotion no.1 - BUY 1 fur wig with cat ears, any size any color, GET an earpierce for free.
      Special promotion no.2 - BUY 3 fur wig with cat ears GET a choker-earpierce set for FREE. Plus free gift from promotion no.1.
      * Choker and earpierce can be detachable.


      Matching cat tail also available. >///<
    5. [Notice] Soundplay Custom Couple Headphones pre-order will be closed on Feb 28, 0.00am. GMT+7 (Bangkok, Thailand). Please hurry if you want special headphones for your dolls~ :D
    6. Will the regular headphones be restocked at some point? (Other than the couple and gentle styles) Thanks!
    7. elisa_maza
      Sorry for the late reply ^^; Soundplay Heaphones normally available through pre-order period which will be announced on DollWhy news channel (website notice and newsletter, facebook, twitter and in this thread). Pre-order period are available in every 1~3 months depending on Soundplay's work schedule and decision. In each time, pre-order headphones will be available in different designs. Some of them are also available through Crobidoll as Soundplay's authorized dealer in South Korea.
    8. Cutely PoPo [Outfit]

      We're very grateful to be a partner with Cutely PoPo :)
      They have a lot of YoSD & Little Fee outfit~


      9 outfits designs are updated at our website under category: Dealer > Cutely PoPo > Outfit for YoSD & LittleFee.

      Soundplay's new headset for YoSD

      Your child will be able to enjoy Soundplay's music soon! Headset will be available in multi colors.
      More update will be available once we have Soundplay's announcement.
      Other pre-order headphones period for SD & MSD sizes are not yet available.


      Soundplay's new products line

      Teaser of Soundplay's jewelry products line. Designs and available date has not yet been confirmed.

    9. Soundplay DIY headphone event


      Soundplay has newly released headphones for YOSD size. Now available in 4 colors (red, black, white, pink). Pre-order period until April 25th.

      Also introduce a new campaigne "Soundplay DIY headphone event" by just submitting photo of Soundplay headphone with decoration in your own style (under DIY cocept) to Soundplay Be Playful Flickr group. Chosen winners for each month will get a free headphone of your choice. Campaign starts from 1st June to 1st November.

      New Arrivals
      New LE outfit Easter Bunny for YOSD

      New casual MSD and YOSD outfits from Cutely PoPo

      Accessories line from Soundplay